How to make a screen on the laptop: ways

There are a large number of possibilities in the computer and laptop systems that can simplify the task for the user. For example, not everyone knows on the laptop. In fact, this is nothing complicated. This can be done in several ways, for example, using operating system tools or third-party programs.


Before you learn how to make a screen screen on a laptop, you need to figure out what it is. Of course, most advanced users know what a screen shot is and how to make it. But the older generation, when confronted with this for the first time, can not immediately understand what they are dealing with.

Screenshot button

The screenshot has English origin and is translated as a screen shot. Also, it is often briefly called a screen. What is it? A screenshot is a picture that is received by the device and displays exactly what the user sees on his screen at the moment.

Such a digital image can be done using the operating system itself or in a third-party program.Previously, when users did not know about such a function, some used the camera of the phone to photograph what was happening on the monitor screen. But, as you understand, the quality of such an image was poor.

The screenshot allows you to take a screenshot of what the user sees it.

For what?

Why do users want to know how to make a screen on the laptop? Answers to this question can be a huge amount. For example, very often a player takes screenshots of some game moments, then to brag about them to his friends.

Screenshot game

You can make a screen of your favorite moment from the movie to share with a friend Such a freeze frame is very often used in reviews of films or serials.

Screenshots in many ways help us solve system problems that occur in computers, phones or tablets.

The easiest way

So how to make a screen on the laptop in Windows? In this case, nothing complicated. It is enough to find a special button on the keyboard and press it at the right time. Most often on this button there are two labels: Print Screen / Sys Rq.

The very inscription Print Screen may vary depending on the model.For example, there are different variations of its writing: PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc. Most often laptop manufacturers place this button next to the F1-F12 keys.

PrtSc button on the laptop

What happens when you press this key? The system takes a screenshot and sends it to the clipboard. Therefore, most often no animated processes occur on the screen. Although in the case of smartphones the finished picture immediately appears on the screen, it can be edited or deleted. On the laptop, you will not see any messages or notifications.

Different variations

Before you know what to do next with the image, you need to understand how to make a screen on the laptop. The fact is that not always this key allows you to take a screenshot. Sometimes you need a combination. Together with the Print Screen button, use the Fn function key, which is on almost every laptop.

If the laptop works on the Windows 8 operating system, you can try using the key combination Win + Print Screen. In this case, the picture will not fall into the clipboard, but into a special system folder.

Where is the picture?

So, after you clicked on the desired button or combination, the image fell into a temporary virtual archive.In this case, the process is very similar to copying text. When we need to copy a certain piece of text, we use the combination Ctrl + C, and after Ctrl + V we paste into the desired text editor.

Combination of the "Paste" command

Since we work with a picture, we need a graphic editor or the simplest image processing program. In order not to install anything third-party, they often use the standard Paint program.

In order to open it, you need to go to "Start", then click "All Programs" - "Standard" - Paint. Having opened the application, it is enough to use the “Insert” button or the key combination Ctrl + V. A picture from the clipboard will transfer everything to the program, and you will be able to see the screen shot. It is also easy to edit, resize, cut the desired section, use text and so on.

If you know how to use Photoshop, you can apply it in this case.

After you work with the screenshot, you need to save it. To do this, simply go to the “File” tab and click “Save As”. Here you can select specific formats and give the name of the screenshot.

Other operating system

Many can not understand how to make a screen on the laptop in "Windows 10".As in the case of the "Seven" and "Eight", the principle of operation is the same. The differences can only be that you may need not only the Print Screen key, but also the Fn or Win function key.

How to take a screen shot

Since the G8 interface is slightly different from previous versions, Paint needs to be found differently. It is enough to enter the name of the program in the Windows search box. The system will automatically find the application you need, and you just need to click on it.

Other system methods

The above method is not the only option of how to make a screen on the laptop in "Windows 7". In this case, the user absolutely will not need to install third-party programs. It will be enough to go to the "Start", select "All Programs" - "Standard" - "Scissors".

You will see a small window in which you need to click the "Create" button. Next to it, you will notice an arrow, by clicking on which you can choose the shape of the saved image. There is an arbitrary form that will require you to simply circle the desired area. Selecting "Window", the system will take a picture of the window of a particular program. In the case of the "Rectangle", the user himself chooses a rectangular fragment to save.If you select "Full Screen", the program will take a snapshot of the entire screen.

There are not so many tools for editing in the program, but they are quite enough for ordinary tasks. For example, something can be erased, circle or record over the image.

When the screen shot is ready, go to the “File” tab and click the “Save” screenshot.

Mac os

How to make a screen on a laptop with Mac OS? This operating system is significantly different from Windows, so it does not have a Print Screen button. In order to take a screenshot, you need to use different shortcut keys:

  • cmd + shift + 3 - photographs the screen and sends the saved picture to the desktop;
  • cmd + shift + 4 - photographs a specific area of ​​the screen and also sends a picture to the desktop;
  • cmd + shift + 3 + spacebar - photographs the working window and saves the image on the desktop.


In addition to the software in the laptop, you can use third-party applications. There are a lot of similar resources. One of the most popular is the Lightshot program, which can be installed on Windows and Mac OS. Her functional abilities are very similar to Scissors. But besides the usual screen shot, the program has more features for editing and working with the image on the Internet.

Third Party Program

With Lightshot, you can install FastStone Capture or Screen Capture.The principle of their work is very similar, the only difference is in the processing of the final image.

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