How to make a shop with your own hands. How to make a bench with a back

There are many different types of shops. And they all differ from each other in design and material production. Therefore, when searching for an answer to the question of how to make a shop with your own hands, first of all you need to decide for yourself what design it will be made in order to choose the most suitable and optimal variant for materials and labor costs.

How to make a shop from a tree

Types of benches for the garden

For the manufacture of shops you can use wood, stone, metal, plastic, or a combination of both. But wood is preferable because it is easily processed, and it will be warmer to sit on such a seat. In addition, to find wooden blanks easier than any other. As for the construction, the garden bench can be with or without backrest. The first option is most convenient, and it looks more attractive. Because most often people have a question about how to make a bench with a back for a good rest in the fresh air.

how to make benches in the gazebo

The design of the bench will depend on where it is planned to put it, since it is very important that the finished bench be able to fit into the overall picture. Roughly made shop with only one of its appearance can spoil all the surrounding beauty.

How to make a shop with your own hands

You should not be limited to ordinary shops, because, for example, you can make a bench, under the seat of which there will be a box. The shop does not necessarily have to be straight, it can be made a wave or a semicircular, so that it can sit comfortably opposite each other.

How to make a shop out of wood with their own hands

Before you start making a wooden bench, you need to determine the place where it will be most convenient to sit. Most often, benches are placed near the house along the fence or directly under the windows. If you choose one particular place does not work, you can not suffer and make several shops at once. In addition, if you figure out how to make a shop with your own hands, it will not be so difficult.

Having decided on the place, you need to decide what wood will be made shop. It can be oak, pine, mahogany or larch. In principle, you can use any wooden material that is on hand.If you know exactly how to make a bench with a back, and show all your imagination, then even a curved board can make a real work of art.

How to make a wooden shop

What to consider when building a shop

Independent construction of the bench requires the contractor to observe certain rules, which are not always mentioned in the information on how to make a shop with your own hands. At the same time, the quality and convenience of the bench will depend on them. Therefore, they should not be neglected.

In order for the bench to be comfortable, its height must be such that the legs of the person sitting on it do not hang and are not pulled up, but rested on the ground. Most often, the height of the bench is 40-50 cm, and the height of the back varies between 35-50 cm. The seat of the bench should have a slight inclination inwards. You can take the most comfortable chair and measure the height of its back, legs, and the width of the seat. This will allow not to be mistaken in determining the exact size of the future shop.

If you plan to make handcuffs, then you need to remember that they should be mounted at a height of 15-20 cm from the seat.

All wooden elements used in the construction of the bench, it is desirable to treat the antiseptic, which will protect it from damage by various pests and premature decay, thereby increasing its service life.

Materials and tools for making a wooden bench

To build a simple bench for your yard or garden, you will need the following materials:

  • long board not less than 3.5 cm thick and 30–40 cm wide;
  • two or three columns;
  • whole leaf of a tree.

The columns for the bench should be strong, stable, the same in appearance. You can simply take one long pillar and cut it into several segments of the same length. In addition to fixing the legs of the bench is useful concrete or cement.

Tools that are needed for the manufacture of the bench, is in any home. This hammer, drill, nails and screws.

The process of building a bench with a back

First of all, small depressions are made in the ground according to the number of legs of the future bench. When they are ready, the prepared columns are placed in them in such a way that parts of equal height remain on the surface.

As soon as the posts are in the ground, the pits are filled with concrete or cement. To give the structure additional strength with cement, it will be possible to coat the space between the columns under the bench.

After the cement is completely dry, a board is attached to the posts using nails and a hammer or screws and a screwdriver.

To make the back, a piece of wood is attached to the board that serves as a bench seat. It can be fixed at an angle to the main seat or perpendicular to it. Also for this you can make a frame and attach the rail inside. This backrest looks very original.

How to make a bench with a back

As you can see, it’s not difficult to build a cozy resting place in the yard, as you can make a shop with your own hands without special skills and experience in carpentry work.

Features of the manufacture of benches in the bath

As you know, benches are installed not only in the garden or in the yard. Without them, not to do in the bath. But not everyone knows how to make benches in a bathhouse, trusting their construction to specialists. In fact, everything is very simple, and anyone can handle the work.

How to make benches in the bath

In a hot bath, the air temperature at different heights is different. Therefore, the shops for the steam room are made in several tiers. To create additional comfort they can be equipped with wooden stands for the head and legs.

For the manufacture of benches for a bath will need wooden bars, thin strips and nails for fastening. Having decided on the design and figured out how to make a wooden bench for a bath, you need to cut out the necessary parts from the bars, then process them with a plane and grind them thoroughly.This is done to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat and smooth.

Now you need to build a frame of bars and attach it to the wall of the steam room, then fill it with thin transverse strips. For good ventilation and water flow, the slats need to be packed at a distance of 1 to 3 cm. They should be fixed at the bottom of the structure. After that, the finished structure is attached to the walls.

How to make benches in the gazebo

Benches and benches do not happen much. Without them, not only in the courtyard or in the bath, but also in the gazebos. And if on open plots benches with comfortable backs are installed, then in the gazebo there is no need to make a complex structure. The back in this case will serve as the walls of the building itself.

To do this, take a board with a thickness of 40 mm and cut a piece of the required length from it. If the gazebo is 3x3, then the length of the bench should be at least 270 cm. After that, two more identical pieces of 40 cm in length should be cut.

All three blanks need to be brushed, and the corners are rounded off with a hacksaw. After that, in short boards make triangular cuts at the bottom of the board. Now with the help of fasteners need to collect all the details.You can do this in any order.

The finished bench should be painted to match the arbor or any other color you like. As soon as the paint is dry, the bench can be used.

Table for arbor

Well, what a gazebo without a dining table, which is a mandatory attribute of the structure, able to give it a complete look! Knowing how to make a table and a bench, you can easily turn a gazebo into the most favorite place to relax, where you can have fun: chat with friends, have dinner with your family, have a fun picnic in the fresh air for your children, or just take shelter from the rain.

How to make a table and shop

To start making the table you need from the tabletop, which can be assembled from boards. In order not to suffer, you can use a ready-made furniture shield instead. For the first option boards are used with a section of 75x25 mm. To the tabletop is not loosened during operation, guide bars must be attached to its back side. To make the legs, you need to fix two bars in the middle of the longest edge of the table, the distance between which should be equal to 30 cm. The table is ready. Now it needs to be painted and let it dry completely, after which it can be installed in the gazebo.


Making garden furniture from wood does not require large expenditures and the use of special equipment. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure to decorate your yard with an original bench or a table made with your own hands. And if at the same time to show imagination, the garden or courtyard will be not only beautiful, but also quite original.

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How to make a shop with your own hands. How to make a bench with a back 56

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