How to make a tree with your own hands? Master class: artificially aged wood

The use of wood in the interior design is always a win-win. This is the most beautiful natural, aesthetically perfect, breathable material. In addition, it has a positive effect on human energy, has bactericidal properties. Furniture items, floor, doors, ceiling beams, various decorative elements made of natural wood that can be processed better than other materials look great in any room.

Why artificially make old tree

how to make a tree old

It is difficult to get an unequivocal answer to this question, but there are three main answers:

  1. Personal preferences.
  2. Processed material allows you to create one of the fashionable styles: vintage, shebbi-chic, retro, Provence, country style.
  3. If you do not have enough money for antique furniture, you can age the tree yourself. Subsequently, nothing prevents to give a table or chair of such material for the product with a story.

How to make a tree old. Master Class. Brushing

make a tree old

There are several ways to achieve the desired result. The most interesting and most used of them is the texturing method, or brushing. Its name comes from the English word brush, which in translation means “brush”. The essence of this method lies in the fact that soft fibers are removed from the top layer of an array of wood. As a result of processing the surface becomes relief. In the process of natural aging of the tree with him the same changes occur, but it takes a lot of time. Brushing is considered the closest to reality by imitation of antiquity. Use it to give the wood a pronounced textured texture.

What wood species are suitable for brushing?

Converting a semi-antique wooden surface using the brushing method is not at all easy and at home. But not all wood is amenable to such processing. In order to age a tree, you need to use species with a clearly defined texture: pine, oak, larch, ash, walnut. And maple, beech, cherry, pear, teak and some exotic trees are absolutely not amenable to mechanical aging.It is useless to use this mechanical method for products from MDF. But how to make an aged tree of these materials, if others are not available? For this case there is a chemical method. If it is necessary to age the wood of coniferous species, then it is more rational to use the mechanical method.

Mechanical restoration

how to make a tree with your own hands

Brushing is a rather laborious process. The main tool in this case is a hard metal brush. Since aging the tree in this way does not work out quickly, the process can be accelerated. To do this, you need a drill or grinder, equipped with a special wire brush.

Wood processing with the help of power tools is a rather unsafe process, associated with characteristic vibration and the risk of tearing away wooden chips and metal rods. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to artificially age a tree and not suffer. Works are recommended to be carried out in a protective suit. To prevent small debris and dust from getting into your eyes, you should wear special camouflage goggles or cover your face with a shield, and use a respirator to protect your respiratory tract.

Chemical processing

How to make wood with your own hands without using special tools? To do this, you need a hard sandpaper. She needs to clean the surface, and then apply a solution of ammonia (ammonia), which causes a noticeable darkening of the wood. As a result, the structure of the tree can manifest itself particularly brightly, and a noble darkening will give the finished product an antique look.

Depending on the degree of aging desired, such treatment may be light surface using a non-coarse polymer brush or deep when the growth rings become visible. It is very important not to overdo it, because you can get not the desired textured noble product, but damaged corrugated wood.

After the initial rough stripping, regardless of the method of processing, the blank must be brought to the desired aesthetic appearance. To do this, remove the burrs from the surface, then the product is polished with a polymer abrasive brush. After that, the wood must be further carefully lightened with emery paper and give it a final gloss.


how to artificially age a tree

To obtain the desired effect of antiquity, mechanical processing alone is not enough. Then you can simply varnish the product. But it is recommended to perform the so-called patination. This will allow to emphasize the relief surface of the product. Patina is a characteristic luxurious gloss that a tree acquires over the years. Recreating it at home is done in several stages and requires great effort.

Patination is the process of applying to the treated surface special formulations and stains. They are selected depending on the desired color and shade of the finished product. The compositions are applied in such a way that they fall into the pores of the wood, which can be opened during machining. It is important to achieve a patina effect, in which woody deep pores would look a little darker and more contrast than lighter surfaces. When performing this treatment yourself, it is recommended to use paint of the desired color. To do this, the surface is first completely painted over, and then with the help of a sponge or fabric, the upper layer is removed without drying.As a result, the tree in appearance becomes more ancient and noble.

how to make an aged tree

But patinating is not necessary to use. The products painted with antiqued enamel also look great. With the help of such materials, you can create a real masterpiece that can be distinguished from true antiques only by a true connoisseur of antiquities. One enamel layer should be applied to the surface. Then the tree needs to be dried and applied another layer. When re-painting the enamel, you must choose a more liquid and other colors. When the wood is completely dry, it is necessary to wipe the surface with emery paper in order to bleed through the bottom layer and create a scuff.

Toning. Varnishing

After patination should perform more toning. For this process, using compositions based on natural oils and resins. At the last stage of processing the tree is covered with 2-3 layers of varnish. Then it should be rubbed with a soft cloth to give extra shine. Varnishing fixes all the previous steps and gives the product a finished look. Despite the fact that the process is time consuming, anyone can master it. The main thing is to follow the technology.Then it will be clear how to age a tree with your own hands.

Secrets of brushing

How to age a tree to get the best effect? For this you need to know some to make wood a master class

  • The main surface is painted with the following colors: white, red, black, blue, yellow, purple, brown, orange. For the pores take blue, red, yellow and white.
  • If you look at the board tinted with paint at an angle, you can notice the non-uniformity of the application.
  • Manual brushing allows you to do the work more artistically, although the process will be very long, unlike the automatic method.
  • The more defects (knots, curls, eyes) wood has, the better the product made from it will look.

Where can the treated wood be used?

make a tree with your own hands

Not every home can be found in the processed material, as it is not enough just to age the wood. It is very important to correctly use it in the interior. Through the use of the brushing method, you can create exclusive, almost antique items. For example, furniture items: exquisite bookshelves, dressers, cabinets, kitchen sets, country furniture, picture or mirror frames, candlesticks and other decor.

This method is perfect for processing flooring and flooring, as well as for the manufacture of doors, partitions, various wooden elements. Often, antique wood is used to decorate the walls of a home bath or sauna, non-standard rooms or a whole house, retro cafes, bars, billiard rooms.

Today, it is no secret to anyone how to age a tree. Besides brushing, there are many more ways. They differ in the complexity of the technology and the amount of time spent. But regardless of the choice, an aged tree helps to create a unique spiritual atmosphere in any room, to connect the eternal values ​​and spirit of modern time, to fill the house with the atmosphere of noble antiquity.

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