How to make a waist thin: exercise. Simple exercises for thin waist

Female silhouette, which resembles its outlines constantly attracts interest from men. The figure, in which the waist is thin, slightly narrower than the breasts and hips, at the subconscious level can convince men that a woman has a high ability to bear children. In most cases, this factor attracts the interest of men to girls with similar forms. However, a huge number of women who are trying to understand what kind of exercises for a thin waist are required to do, tend to appeal not only to men, but also to themselves. Appearance has always served them as a source of confidence.

The way in which you can calculate the waist

exercises for thin waist

Before describing the exercises for a thin waist, you need to understand what she means by herself.In order to determine for yourself what your figure should be, you need to subtract 100 from height. For example, in that situation, if your height is 165 cm, then the waist should not exceed 65 cm. Only in this case it can be considered thin.

The second way to calculate the perfect waist

exercises for thin waist

There is another algorithm that takes into account the proportions of the figure. With it you can deal with all the necessary parameters. A waist can be considered thin if its size is 70% of the circumference of the hips. In other words, if the height is 165 cm, the waist is 65 cm, and the hips are not equal to 92 cm, then your figure can be considered a fairly large stretch thin. Girls who are trying to understand what exercises for a thin waist should be done, usually try to identify the difference between the camp and the hips. Due to the smooth bends, one can acquire such a desirable femininity.

What types of shapes can be distinguished?

Before you start talking about exercises for a thin waist, you should also understand the types of figure. There are several of them, and their names quite closely resemble objects. This apple, banana, pear and hourglass, which were previously mentioned.Those girls whose body types resemble the last two items do not need to decrease the waist. But the owners of the first two types of figures most often try to find effective exercises for a thin waist.

What if you have a banana body type?

effective exercises for thin waist

This type of shape, like a banana, is characterized by straight lines and minimal bends. Such a physique is characteristic of athletes and those women who, by their nature, have an athletic physique.

In order for the necessary bends between the camp and the hips to appear, regular special exercises are required. Thin waist, flat stomach can appear only in this case. With the help of diets, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired.

What needs to be done with the type of figure "apple"?

If the figure resembles an apple, then the difference will be even more difficult. A woman will need to not only perform special exercises, but also try to lose weight. This is the only way to achieve a thinner and more sexual camp. Can help a special diet, which excluded the use of carbonated drinks, salty, fried and sweet foods.In other words, from your diet you will need to exclude almost everything that contributes to the appearance of a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, and also prevents the body from taking fluid. A portion of all dishes should fit on one small plate. If you want to answer the question about how to make your waist thin, exercises in combination with diets will help you. With a regular and responsible approach to the formation of your figure, you can achieve results in just a few weeks.

thin waist for a week of exercise

You should begin to create a seductive body, namely, to obtain the desired curves. How to make a waist thin? Exercises for this must be done simple and effective. Do it regularly.

What exercises should be performed?

It is worth listing the most popular types of training.

  1. You need to stand up straight. Legs required to be placed shoulder-width apart. The left hand should be bent at the elbow, while the hand should be raised to the shoulder. The right limb should be worn behind the head, bent at the elbow. Combining two brushes with each other in a locking way, try to tilt to the left side as much as you can.After holding in the reached position for a few seconds, take the initial position. The movement must be repeated in the other direction. The number of repetitions - 15.
  2. The starting position is exactly the same as in the above case. Hands should be stretched in different directions, having previously bent at the elbows, forming a right angle. When the pose is adopted, you should perform three springy turns in opposite directions in turn. The number of such series should be equal to 6.
  3. how to make a waist thin exerciseWant to have a thin waist? A week of exercise will not help achieve this result. However, with the next training, the effect will not take long. You must lie on the floor. One leg should be bent at the knee, the other will need to be placed on it. The right hand should be got for a head, and left - to extend aside. After that, begin to perform rotational movements of the upper part of the body, tearing off each shoulder alternately from the floor surface. When, for example, the right side of the body goes up, the left one should be in close contact with the floor. The number of repetitions - 15 on each side.
  4. Lie down on the right side. The head should rest on the bent arm.Another hand must be rested on the floor with a palm. It is necessary to raise the legs up in the stretched state. On each side should be done on 15 repetitions.
  5. One of the most popular exercises is the vacuum. You can do it while you are at the TV or in front of a computer. All that is required of you is to simply draw in the belly as much as possible. Make it look like you want your navel to touch the spine. Hold out in the maximum possible position for about 30 seconds, relax. After a while, the exercise should be repeated. Make sure that not only the upper abdomen, but also the lower abdomen. Exercise takes at least five minutes.
  6. It is necessary to sit "in Turkish." At the same time, the arms should be raised up and locked at the back of the head. After that, quickly and energetically you should start to perform turns in different directions alternately. Repetitions - 20. Perform this exercise should be only two hours after taking a light meal, or 4 hours after a more dense meal. The number of repetitions will need to be gradually increased.

What methods can I use?

These are the most popular and effective exercises for a thin waist. The pictures in the review will help you figure out how to accept a certain position.Also gymnastics can be alternated with rotation of the hoop for 15 minutes. In addition, if all workouts will take place at home, then the effect can be increased with an elastic bandage. They need to roll the waist. However, it is too tight to do this. In this situation, you will be able to ensure that the redistribution of fat in this area of ​​the body will be gradual. Accordingly, the waist will be not only slim, but also seductive.

exercise thin waist flat stomach

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