How to shoot the film "Winter Cherry"

6-02-2018, 14:00

The film "Winter Cherry" is already more than 30 years old, and he not only does not lose his popularity, but also continues to win new viewers: today they are shooting the fourth part of the melodrama. Few people know that the plot was based on a real story, the main characters were to be played by other actors, and Elena Safonova and Vitaly Solomin repeated the fates of their characters.

Instead of Vitaly Solomin and Elena Safonova, viewers could see Sergey Shakurov and Natalia Andreichenko
The fact that the story of a single mother in love with a married man is based on real facts was first reported by Fyodor Razzakov, a writer and film historian. He claimed that the screenwriter of the film, Vladimir Valutsky, described the plot from his own life: being married to the famous actress Alla Demidova, he fell in love with the young actress Nadezhda Repin, and their secret romance lasted 14 years.

Nadezhda Repina and Vladimir Valutsky
This version was later confirmed by Repin herself, who in 2012 released the autobiographical book “Everything is for the best. The love story, which formed the basis of the film "Winter Cherry".The actress admitted that for the sake of Valutsky she left her husband, but he did not dare to quit his wife. When she began an affair with an Italian, he even proposed to her, but, returning her, he retreated again. But he promised Nadezhda Repina a leading role in the film based on the story of their lives. However, the screenwriter himself denied the autobiography of the plot: “Till now some incredible women appear, declaring themselves the prototypes of the main character. And they almost told me the plot and dictated it. It is not true. I had an agreement with a scenario studio in 1982, the deadlines were tight, and I came up with this story in one breath for two weeks. A typical picture of the life of a single woman with a child in love with a married man; love, betrayal, loneliness ... ".

Actresses claiming the role of Olga: Natalia Andreichenko, Elena Safonova and Tatiana Dogileva
On the role of Olga tried many actresses, among whom were Elena Safonova and Tatiana Dogileva. However, the main role was approved by Natalia Andreichenko. She successfully passed photo and film tests, costumes were already sewn to her, but on the appointed day she did not show up.As it turned out, she began a stormy romance with a foreigner, actor and director Maximilian Schell, and at that time she was not in the mood for filming. Then the actress was removed from the role and began to urgently look for her replacement.

Elena Safonova was nominated as candidate # 2 for photocalls, she was summoned for filming, but the director was very disappointed on the very first day. “When we met, she was a ugly duckling: tired, gray-faced, smoked all the time. And here it blossomed, ”says Igor Maslennikov. The hairstyle of her heroine, which was then imitated by half of the female population of the USSR, appeared by chance: a young girl-hairdresser, by inexperience, made the actress a man's haircut. At first, everyone was shocked by her appearance, the director decided to take Safonov in a wig, but suddenly he realized that this strange haircut was an ideal addition to the image of a 30-year-old “baby”, as the beloved called her heroine.

Elena Safonova not only did not disappoint the director in the future, but also forced him to rewrite the script: performed by temperamental Andreichenko Olga was scandalous and hysterical, and Safonova made the heroine lyrical, reverent, forgiving and patient.As a result, the film’s tonality turned out to be completely different - its heroine evoked sympathy and sympathy both in the female half of the audience and in the male. What can not be said about the main character, the director was sent angry letters: why so defame the image of the Soviet man, showing his weak and indecisive!

Vitaly Solomin in the film * Winter Cherry *, 1985
Another actor was originally approved for the main male role - they managed to shoot several episodes with Sergey Shakurov. But after Andreichenko did not appear at the shooting and Safonova became his partner, he refused to participate in the film. The director recalled: “He played one scene with Safonova on a fishing trip, and then sharply spoke out against Helen with a vague motivation:“ I don’t feel her reflection, not my man. ” I realized that the ensemble was not working, although we started shooting Shakurov even before Safonova arrived. I had to look for my magic wand, Vitaly Solomin, the charming “Dr. Watson”. As befits a doctor, he performed the function of an ambulance for us. ” With Solomin Igor Maslennikov just before that worked on the filming of a film about Sherlock Holmes, and the actor agreed to help him out, unaware that this role would become his calling card.And from Shakurov in the film remained ... bare legs - in that very scene with fishing.

Elena Safonova in the film * Winter Cherry *, 1985
For many actors, the roles in this film have become momentous. Elena Safonova largely repeated the fate of her heroine: she also had an affair with a married man, she was also a single mother, and then she, like Olga, married a foreigner and went abroad with him. By the way, the audience had the opportunity to see him on the screens in the continuation of Winter Cherry - there the French actor Samuel Labart played the hero’s neighbor Solomin, who came to visit him in his house in France. Their life together with Safonova did not work out, and the actress returned to Russia. But she had to leave their son with her ex-husband - according to French law, a child born in their country had to stay there until the age of majority.

Vitaly Solomin had a lot in common with the hero. As the widow of the actor later confessed, during the filming of Winter Cherry, he had an affair with another woman, and for a long time Solomin rushed between them, unable to make a choice.

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