How to pay Beeline?

Beeline today offers its subscribers several ways to replenish the balance of the phone. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to choose for themselves the most convenient options. All ways how to pay Beeline, are presented below.

How to pay Beeline: terminal and ATM

Most often, Beeline subscribers choose the option to replenish the balance of the phone using a terminal or ATM. Each of these methods has its own characteristics:

  1. Find the nearest terminal that accepts payment for various types of services. On the touch screen, select the "Mobile Communications" section. Then the list of operators will open. In it you need to select "Beeline", and then in the window that appears, enter your phone number and click on "OK". Deposit the required amount of money into the bill acceptor. Then click on the "Pay" screen. Be sure to save your receipt. It can be thrown out only after all the money has been credited to the balance of the phone.
  2. Find the nearest ATM. Then insert a plastic card into it and enter the pin code.A menu will appear on the ATM screen, in it select the mobile operator Beeline. Enter the mobile phone number and the amount to replenish in the corresponding box. Confirm the operation by clicking on the "OK" button. Save the receipt, which after payment will issue an ATM.

How to pay Beeline: Internet and USD-team

Pay Beeline credit card can be in other ways. To do this, use the Internet or SMS:

  1. Go to. Pass on it registration, receive logii and the password. Go to the "Payments card" section, where you will need to bind your bank card to a mobile phone number. Then select from the menu “Top up balance”, enter the desired amount in the appeared window and click on “OK”. After some time, the money will go to your account.
  2. You can pay for the Beeline card by means of a special USD-team. But before using it, you need to link a bank card to your phone number on the Beeline website. This should be done in the section “Attach a card to a mobile phone” and strictly follow the instructions of the system. Upon completion of this process, you will be given a secret code.Now you just have to use the following USD command: * 100 * secret code (received on the operator’s website for a bank card) * payment amount # Call. Keep in mind that this method has a limit on the size of the deposit. Required to transfer at least 100 rubles.

How to pay Beeline: cards and office

Continuing the topic of how to pay for the Beeline phone, you should definitely consider such popular methods as universal cards for recharging the balance and crediting funds through an operator in the office of a mobile company:

  1. Purchase a Beeline payment card at any of the outlets. Erase the protective silver layer on it. Under it will be spelled USD-team with a secret code. You need to dial it on your mobile phone. Then the money in a few seconds will go to the account.
  2. Contact any Beeline office with a passport. Fill out the proposed form, and then make the payment at the box office. After that, the operator will transfer funds to your mobile phone.

How to pay Beeline: electronic money and phone

You can top up your Beeline balance from another phone, as well as through such popular electronic payment systems like WebMoney and Yandex.Money, in one of which you must have an account.The payment process itself is as follows:

  1. When transferring funds to the balance from the phone of another subscriber, you need to dial the following command on it: * 145 * indicate your number and transfer amount # Call. Enter the number without spaces and must be in the international format (10 digits). After that, the number from which the transfer of funds was made will receive a message confirming payment. You will need to dial on it * 145 * a three-digit confirmation code (will be present in the SMS) # Call. Please note that restrictions apply. You can send 150 rubles at a time, and no more than 300 rubles per day.
  2. Use the WebMoney payment system. Log into it with your username and password. Then select the Mobile Payment tab. In the menu, click on the "Beeline", and then enter the phone number and amount of transfer in the form that appears. Next to your mobile, which was tied to a wallet WebMoney, will come a unique code. Enter it on the website of the payment system and click "OK".
  3. If you have Yandex.Money, then use them to recharge your Beeline phone balance. Log into this payment system with your username and password.Then select the tab “Payment for services”, then “Mobile communication” and “Beeline”. Then enter the phone number and the amount to replenish. After that, you will need to specify the password from the wallet again as a confirmation. If the “Making payments via SMS” option is activated in the Yandex.Money system, then a message with a unique code will be sent to the phone attached to the wallet. Enter it on the website to confirm the financial transaction, and then click on “OK”.

This is a complete list of possible ways to replenish the account today. Choose the most convenient for you.

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