How to remove air jams?

The engine cooling system supportsthe performance of the car even in the harshest conditions of operation. If an airlock is formed in the cooling system of your car, then, after reading this article, you can easily remove it.

Air congestion is the air that, after hittingchannels and pipes of the engine cooling system, prevents circulation of the cooling liquid. Air bubbles are formed due to insufficient coolant, or because the system is leaking.

Signs of air cork formation

  1. The engine warms up unevenly and quicklyoverheats. Uneven heating is due to the fact that the airlock prevents the circulation of antifreeze through the engine cooling system. And because the coolant can not get into the radiator, the engine quickly overheats.
  2. Non-working heater (heater). Antifreeze due to the air plug can not get into the radiator.

Both these features, as a rule, manifest themselvessimultaneously and require immediate intervention. There are two basic ways to remove the airlock, each of which must be operated with the heater's fully open valve (the hottest air).

How to remove the air cap through the expansion tank

If your car has the ability to disconnecta hose of heating of a throttle knot or the carburettor (the majority of cars VAZ) this way will approach you. First you need to remove all the protective covers and other interfering elements. Then you need to pull out the hose clamp heating and remove the hose from the hose. Further we unscrew a stopper of a broad tank and we blow in it until then the antifreeze will not start to follow from a branch pipe or a throttle knot. As soon as this moment has come, it is necessary quickly to insert a hose into place and to twist it. The procedure is completed.

Remove the air plug by heating

If you do not really want to blow in the tank, you canuse the following method. To begin with, you need to warm up the engine to operating temperature and drown it. We remove all the protections and remove the hose from the fitting of the throttle assembly. We are waiting for the coolant to flow, and then we collect everything back. If the liquid has not flowed, then it is necessary to screw the hose into place, open and close the reservoir cap and repeat the procedure. The main thing with this method is not to get burned with a cooling liquid, whose temperature is close to 90 degrees, and also be ready for a flowing of the jet, for the liquid in the system is under pressure.

Remember that removing air jams is necessary as soon as possible, because postponing this procedure can lead to the most unfortunate consequences up to loss of the engine.

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