How to remove the tape?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
January 18, 2013
How to remove the tape?

A very convenient in modern life packing and fastening material has become indispensable in our life. Transparent and colored, paper and double-sided is used in any sphere of life activity. But there are certain inconveniences. Traces of the adhesive composition of the tape remain on almost any surface, so you need to know how to remove the tape.

Remove traces of clerical tape

Vegetable oil can be an effective means of removing traces of adhesive tape from plastic surfaces. To do this, apply the oil to a cotton sponge and carefully wipe the surface. The method is delicate and suitable for the surface of plastic, lacquered furniture. Traces of oil are easily cleaned with a soap and water solution.

How to remove the tape and its traces from hard surfaces, if you do not use oil? The reception is dry, long-lasting in use, however, it is very gentle for the condition of the coatings, it is a stationery eraser. After the eraser, the surface is rubbed with a clean cloth. The way when you need to spend time to get a good result.

Alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover well know how to remove traces of adhesive tape from items of clothing.

Glasses and car surfaces are well treated with gasoline (preferably refined for lighters), solvent, white spirit, turpentine. The means are effective, and the access of fresh air will quickly remove evaporation and unpleasant odor.

It is not recommended to scrub scotch stains from painted surfaces of the car with auto alcohol, it is able to corrode the paint.

We remove double-sided tape

If the quality of the surface on which the adhesive tape is attached is not susceptible to temperatures, then the double-sided adhesive tape must be heated with a hair dryer, and then removed with napkins or rags. Another method to remove double-sided tape is to use vegetable oil. It is suitable in the case when the surface on which the adhesive tape is pasted is sensitive to high temperatures. Oil should be moistened with scotch and let it soak for several hours. Then also remove the rag or sponge.

It is possible to cope with double-sided tape and gasoline, but it is necessary to work with it quickly, so as to eliminate its long-term effect on the attached surface.

Household chemicals

In addition to the available and available tools, you can think about how to remove adhesive tape from industrial tape. In household chemicals there are enough compounds that remove fat and glue spots. The most effective of them are: spray “Label Remover”, “Presstech L”, “WD-40”, liquid “Silit”, “Cosmofen 5”, “Stiker Remover”.

To professional tools also include a rubber nozzle on the drill, which in its action is similar to the action of an eraser and is designed to clean the double-sided tape.

Helpful advice

Before using any of the products described above, take your time and pre-try it on a less visible part. This will help to ensure that it does not violate the texture of the surface and does not spoil the quality of the material.

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