How to rub a man?

Recently, trolling has become very popular among young people - a peculiar form of psychological influence on a person through communication. Troll is always in a winning position, he looks smarter and more cunning than his victim. No wonder that many people want to learn how to troll. Let's talk about how you can zatrolit person, whether to do it and in what cases it is impossible to do so.

How to troll a person: the essence and ways of trolling

The main task of the troll is to unbalance his victim, to "hook him up" in order to constantly keep a person in suspense, to make him feel uncomfortable. Troll with experience knows how to hurt a person to bring him to emotions, but at the same time prevent him from escaping an answer, because a true Troll enjoys the negative reaction of his victim and feeds it. In essence, trolling is a very subtle mockery of a person who borders on humiliation, but is not. A person can be rubbed with words, consider a few examples.

  • Pay attention to the appearance and behavior of the person. So, you can start to joke about the style of a person, the choice of his hair, manners to talk and move. Glow up the situation, picking up more and more sophisticated phrases to characterize the appearance of the person, make him feel uncomfortable;
  • You can zatrolit person, unflattering poking fun at his holy of holies. If, for example, a person is madly in love with the work of a musical group or he has a hobby with which he is passionately passionate, then a couple of mocking remarks about this will strongly touch a person. Got a hurt reaction? Continue to subtly mock and slyly poke fun at the chosen topic;
  • Of course, Troll dime a dozen on the Internet, because there the easiest way to do such a bad thing. So, you can make unpleasant comments about the avatar of a person, his thoughts and opinions about something, laugh at the mistakes in the words that the victim makes;
  • You can intrigue a person. Just invent some kind of nonsense, but always with some secret or secret. A person must believe in your lie and "peck", and for this the lie must be believable and always on a topic that is very interesting for your victim.The person will want to find out all the details and will not lag behind you until he gets what he wants. His interest will keep him hooked, and you can continue to tease a person.

To troll or not to troll?

Honestly speaking, trolling is very rare, at the right time, in the right place and in limited quantities. Inveterate trolls are essentially weak people who, in such a sophisticated way, increase their self-esteem to an imaginary high level. If you pursue such a goal, it is better not to engage in trolling. If you want to put another troll in place, then feel free to use his own weapon against him.

You should not troll relatives, loved ones, children, the elderly and the disabled. You can simply not calculate the power and meaning of your statements, and in fact the line between subtle trolling and insult is subtle enough. Moreover, it is inappropriate and unethical, you can inflict a deep spiritual wound on a person.

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