How to set video wallpaper?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
11 April 2013
How to set video wallpaper?

Most of us are no longer satisfied with the usual pictures on the PC, I want something more interesting. For example, a splash screen for your favorite game or an episode from a familiar movie. Now everything is real. This is what the Dreamscenes program was created for. How to set video wallpaper? The instruction is written below.

  • Download on the Internet a free program DreamScene. Pay attention to which Windows it is compatible. DreamScene can be downloaded at. If downloaded from the above location, we omit the 2-3 steps. On some sources, the program is downloaded as an archive, then do not run the program without these steps.
  • Select and unzip the folder with the program compatible with our OS.
  • DreamScene.dll is portable to Windows-system32, and DreamScene.dll.mui is placed to Windows-system32-en-US. Run DreamScene-x64.reg.
  • Install the program using the DreamScenes.exe file on behalf of the Admin (this is important!).
  • Reboot the PC.
  • We are looking for a folder in the PC: Windows DreamScene. All used video files will be stored here (Windows → Web → Windows DreamScene). Click on the selected video with the right mouse button and click on Set as Desktop Bacrground. Is done.

This is for Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8. For XP a little different:

  • Install the VLC player.
  • Launch, click: Tools –Settings - Video. Jackdaw in the window "turn on wallpaper mode." We save.
  • Select the desired video and set re-play in the tray.
  • Turn off the player.

If, after installation, no label labels are visible, we do the following: Desktop KM - personalization - desktop background - solid colors - save measurement - save the topic - give it a name - save.

Now you know how to set the video wallpaper. If you want to replenish the collection with new ones, look on the Internet, download, unpack into the Windows → Web → Windows DreamScene folder and install. You can download or.

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