How to set up a flash player?

Recently, more and more information appears on the Internet in the form of videos. Every computer and browser converts this information using Flash. It is a flash player that helps us see colorful flash games and various videos on the web.

FlashPlayer is a software module that ensures proper operation and playback of videos on the Internet. It is required for any browser, be it IExplorer, Opera or Firefox, as well as for all operating systems: Vista, MacOS or Linux. Let's figure out how to set up a flash player, so that when playing video clips do not have problems.

Flash Player Setup

  • First you need to understand that FlashPlayer is a connecting chain between the operating system and the program. Let's look at the basic settings of the player on the example of a normal browser game. For its normal operation, you need the correct settings FlashPlayer. And so, we start the game.
    • In the game, on the map click with the mouse, its right button, at any place. A menu will appear in which we select the “Settings” or “settings” line.
    • A “Settings Wizard” will appear with a large number of characters.By pressing the left mouse button on the very first character located in the very bottom line.
    • We are looking for the line "enable hardware acceleration". This line must be checked.
  • In time to see updates in the game, you need to clear the flash player cache more often. It is also necessary to know to understand how to configure adobe flash. In WindowsXP, you can clear the cache like this:
  • Now it remains only to restart the operating system.

In addition, how to set up an adobe flash player, you need to know how to turn it on. In different browsers, the player is turned on and off in different ways. Let's take a look at how to configure this feature in some browsers.

Setting up a flash player in Internet Explorer

We get to the main menu through the "Start", and go to the "All Programs". Launch Internet Explorer 7 version and higher, open the Tools menu, which is in the upper service bar of the browser dialog box. Find the Internet Options item and select the Programs tab in the dialog that opens.

Now we will use the Manage Add-ons button in the same section that is located at the bottom of the window, here we need to select the line Shockwave Flash Object. Check the Enable line in the Settings section and save the changes by clicking the OK button.

Setting up a flash player in Opera

We launch the browser, open the menu of general settings, simultaneously pressing the F12 and Ctrl keys. The combination of such keys includes installed Flash Player. It is important to remember that when the installation of the flash player is in progress, all browsers must be closed, otherwise the application integration will not be correct.

Select the “Embroidered” tab and in the appeared window select the line “Content” from the list in the left part of the dialog box. Put a tick in the "Enable plugins" line and save the changes by clicking the OK button. Now we restart the browser.

Now that you know how to set up the flash player, you can easily play any flash game or watch any videos on the web.

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