How to start a conversation?

Very often when meeting a stranger, people do not know how to start a conversation with a person. Someone shy, but someone just does not know what to say. In this article, we will tell you how to start a conversation with an unfamiliar girl, boyfriend, man, woman, and even with a client.

How to start a conversation with a girl or a woman

The main obstacle to starting contact with any person is, as a rule, our shyness. This is especially characteristic of guys who, as they say, “the rules oblige” to be the initiators of the relationship. In fact, it is not so difficult to take the initiative, but all sorts of thoughts get in the way: “what if I look stupid”, “and if I don’t like me at all”, etc. However, remember the following guys: no matter how you look, no matter what they say, it will still be much better than not doing anything and then sigh for a long time about the lost opportunity. Of course, a girl may not be happy about how you stammer and stammer, but she will appreciate your initiative, because a woman is always pleased when a man takes the initiative at such moments.

Now let's talk directly about the beginning of the conversation. Here you need to know: the first phrase is always there, only it depends on the circumstances. If you saw a girl you like or a woman leaving the store with bags, offer her help. Just smile at her and say in a friendly voice: "girl, let me help you!" If you met a girl at a concert - talk to her about music, if in a museum - about art. If you see that the girl in the trolleybus is reading a book - look into it and find out the subject: here is a ready beginning for you to meet. Of course, it is not always possible to make acquaintance - a girl may not be alone or for some other reason will not keep up the conversation. However, keep in mind that in most cases your efforts will be rewarded, just few people risk meeting this way.

Good for dating if a girl is upset about something. In this case, you should just go up to her and ask in a sympathetic voice (only for real, not artificially): "What happened?" or: "How can I help?" Sometimes it is necessary to show a certain perseverance, in any case, you will not lose anything, but you can gain a lot.I'm not talking about those cases where a girl is already familiar to you to one degree or another - here you have all the cards in hand. The most important thing is not to be timid and not shy to start a conversation. If the topic of conversation was chosen not too successfully, do not pull, do not persist, but simply change it. For example: "well, then let's (-te) talk about ..." - and call another topic. The main thing is not to complicate the process - the acquaintance should be as simple as possible.

How to start a conversation with a guy or a man

Public morality in the face of its individual representatives still says that the girl should not be the first to get acquainted with the guy, but only to take a reciprocal step. “So know, comrades, that this is not true!”, As one famous politician used to say. Today, we are all equal and success is achieved by those who do not pay attention to the established absurdities. Of course, it’s nice that the guy you like will come up to you and start talking about something. Now imagine what the probability of such an event. Therefore, one should not expect a miracle, but try to create this miracle itself.

Starting a conversation can be the easiest. If a young man or man looks sad, just go to him and ask what happened. It is not so important exactly where you met.Of course, if this happened at an event, there would be an order of magnitude more chance than if the meeting happened on the street. However, here we must take into account that men, as a rule, are more willing to come into contact with women than vice versa. Therefore, the percentage that you just send, will be much smaller and the initiative here is reasonable to show. The fear that a guy or a man will consider you arrogant and send you should not worry you. Even if he has a girlfriend or wife, his answer will not be rude, and if he does - why do you need such a man? Impudence and rudeness speak either about extreme self-doubt, or about extreme bad manners and debauchery. Therefore, it is more important not how to start a conversation with a man, but what he will answer to this.

It is reasonable, as in the case of women, to act according to circumstances. If you met a lonely man in a museum, it would not be appropriate to start talking about the victory of “Spartacus” or “Zenith” here. Of course, there is a high probability that a man may be interested in football too, but you saw him in a museum, and not at a match or in a sports bar. Talk to him about the picture, which he admires, or simply ask: "Do you often come here?" The beginning of a conversation can be anything, as long as it corresponds to the circumstances in which you meet. And - try, do not be afraid.Except for us, no one can change destiny, so everything is in our hands.

How to start a conversation with a client

This section is recommended to study the readers of both sexes, because, probably, we all at least once, but have to convince someone to either do something or buy something. If you work in any company as a sales manager, you should not start a conversation with a rubber stamp: "Hello, my name is Vasya Pupkin, I represent the company" Internet-to-point-no, today we have an advantageous offer for you. " In 99% of cases, they simply won't talk to you or will be asked to send a proposal by e-mail, where no one will read it either, because there are from several dozens to several hundred of such offers.

What will help us? In contrast to the variant with acquaintance, only non-standard treatment will help here. For example, if you want to advertise Internet services, do not start by presenting your company, but say this: "Hello! I’ve come to your site now, I don’t find something like this ... Do you have it?" So you make a person think, and he will not answer you the same way as hundreds of Vasya Pupkin who called before you.Your goal is to sell him a service, a product, whatever. But to sell it, you need to be able to differ from others. Then you will be noticed.

If a client came to your office, ask him to undress, sit down, then have a cup of tea or coffee. After that, you can begin the conversation in a calm, benevolent tone: “So, Vasily, we will continue our conversation. We discussed the development of your website with you on the phone and stopped on the fact that ... did I understand you correctly?” Remember: Your goal is to create the most favorable impression of yourself. To do this, you need not just be different from others, it is important to be polite, to be able to properly structure your speech, to clearly express your thoughts, and most importantly - the client should get an impression of naturalness, he should start trusting you. So discard the patterns and improvise.

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