How to treat constipation in a child?

Constipation in a child implies a reduction in the frequency of emptying the children's intestines until its complete cessation. On the other hand, this phenomenon is often accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations immediately at the time of a bowel movement. In fact, constipation in a child today is a fairly common problem. However, young and inexperienced parents often have great concern for their child and do not know how to help him. In this article we will discuss the primary causes of this problem and methods for its elimination.

child constipationNormal stool and child constipation

According to experts, the frequency of bowel movements depends primarily on the age of the baby. For example, during breastfeeding, 5-7-time stool is considered quite normal. With regard to artificial feeding, the babies should have a chair about three times a day. Constipation in a child is diagnosed when there is no bowel movement for a full day. And ahead of time there is no reason to panic.

Priority Causes

Of course, to find the right solution to combat this problem, you should find out the main factor that led to its appearance. So, experts identify the following causes of constipation in babies:

  • Diet / drinking disorders. It is noteworthy that oftenchildren's constipationbabies with breastfeeding this problem occurs due to improper nutrition of the mother (for example, the use of fatty or smoked products).
  • Hereditary factor.
  • Problems with the central nervous system. Child constipation often makes itself felt precisely because of violations of perinatal development.
  • Lack of reflex to regular emptying of the intestines. This kind of situation usually occurs after a course of self-treatment, the use of cleansing enemas and special preparations that directly affect the intestinal activity.
  • Inflammatory diseases.

How to treat constipation in a child? Tips and recommendations

how to treat constipation in a childSo, first of all, when problems of this nature are detected, parents should necessarily seek qualified help froma specialist. It is he who will be able as soon as possible to find out the primary reason and prescribe proper treatment. In addition, the doctor will also select drugs to facilitate bowel movement. In some cases even the help of a child psychologist is required. There is nothing surprising. As noted above, the reason may lie in violations of the central nervous system. In no case should not engage in what is called self-treatment. Remember that adult medications often cause irreparable damage to a child’s body that is not yet strong. Moreover, the use of laxatives can disrupt the intestinal microflora, which later threatens dysbacteriosis and very serious problems. Do not experiment with the health of your beloved child, it is better to entrust it to specialists.

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