How Victoria Ooh! Soot brings up child

I have no children, and the so-called “moms” now, of course, will arrange a bird market. What I have the right to talk about children in general, to express my opinion, to teach and dip them in my litter with my beaks.
But I think the childless situation gives me the opportunity to directly and objectively look at events that the ovulyashki themselves do not see through the wet diaper.

Meet this foul participant of House 2 Victoria Bonia. She is 36 years old on her passport, and her appearance, given her erratic life, turned fifty, if anyone saw her without makeup.
Bonnie has a daughter. She is three years old. And this lovely baby is doomed.
The girl from House 2 has decided to celebrate her 36th birthday in Moscow. According to Bony, the princely couple of Monaco was waiting for her, but she preferred Katya Lel, Ivanushek and the bustling capital club.
Victoria's daughter Angelina also attended the celebration. The girl sat huddled in the couch, while second-rate stars of domestic show business came off in the hall.
Champagne flowed like a river, and then the girl went from one hand to another — then one idiot needed to be photographed with a child, then another.
Although I don’t like it when it's noisy, I have nothing against holidays in clubs. Someone likes it, so why not? But what the child was doing at the nightclub - I just can not understand this.
I do not want to look like a bigot and argue hypocritically about the inadmissibility of the presence of a child at a drinking party in a club. But let's all think together, and what will grow out of a girl who has been used to hanging out since the age of three?

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Here is her mother jumping drunk goat on the dance floor. Here are the mom's friends whipping champagne and climbing to the child with drunken mugs. Here her mother arranges the sale of old worn fur coats, ostensibly for a charitable purpose, and in fact, I think, to recoup the entire banquet.
In principle, Ooh! Soot does all the same, that and other mothers. Many times I saw parents sitting and drinking beer, and their children playing nearby. Slut love to arrange their children even beauty contests, expelling a child in a bathing suit to the podium.
Why are all children born the same, and people grow different from them? Yes, this is genetics and - the main thing! - education.
What will grow up from the daughter of Victoria Boni personally to me is completely understandable. This child is doomed perfectly. The baby has no chance with such a mother and her upbringing to become someone other than a club party girl, or even worse.
Listen here, chicken! If you managed to become a mother, be good, do not break your psyche psyche! Do not spoil a person, get away from him with your drunken mug!
Want to swell, pig? Do not let the child know about it.

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