Hunting for a duck

Hunting for a duck is a fascinating process thatcan deliver a lot of fun. Duck is a delicious game, which is inhabited quite a lot on the territory of our country. The hunting season is long. Experienced hunters always return home with no empty hands. How do they hunt this bird? There are a lot of ways. About them something will be discussed.

Hunting with a decoy duck is effective in the spring. You can start it when the first birds come back to their native land. Podkadnaya duck is, as a rule, a mixture of domestic and mallard. Used to attract drakes of various breeds. A stick duck can not always attract the attention of wild birds. For this reason, experienced hunters always take decoys with them. Do not get carried away, beckoning birds, as they will feel the setting up very quickly.

Such a hunt for a duck in the spring can bringresult. Care and perseverance are important here. It is important to be secretive - do not be too lazy to make yourself a shelter by the type of hut. You can lie or sit, hiding with a special cloth. In principle, use anything. The main thing is that your camouflage is well combined with the chosen terrain.

Running duck hunting is effective from the middleAugust. At this time, the young are already independent and behave quite actively, but the flights are not very frequent. It is good to take a spaniel with you for such a hunt. These dogs are always adventurous, actively explore the territory. The benefits will be and from the German cops. Dogs will help raise the duck on the wing.

From the boat a duck is shot in the autumn and in the summer. The boat must be wide and very stable. Shoot a bird is best at the moment when it is climbing up, going to move from a vertical position to a horizontal one. Hunting is best from thickets of reeds or similar places.

Hunting from a boat is most effective if the hunterTwo - one row, and the other looks out for a duck and shoots. The shooter is always in the bow of the ship. It is recommended to swim to the ducks against the wind. Any rustle can scare away the game.

Hunting for a duck on flights will develop a reaction andwill teach you how to aim at fast moving objects. The bird flies from place to place in small flocks, in pairs or even alone. Most of all flights to the evening, as well as the morning dawn.

Duck is specific in that it flies many timesover the same places. Preparation in this case means a lot. Experienced hunters quickly choose the ideal place for an ambush, inexperienced will have to suffer.

This bird instantly recognizes even a clever trap,if something goes wrong. Choosing clothes and equipment, remember that hunting for a duck in the fall is not at all what hunting for it in the summer or in the spring. The costume must be appropriate. It is very useful to dig into the leaves, impose themselves with branches and so on.

Hunting for ducks on flights is very good in quietcloudy evenings - the bird always flies slowly and low. In clear weather, it tends to the sky. It is worth remembering that with the onset of cold weather, evening flights will be carried out earlier and earlier. In August, the bird, as a rule, flies half an hour before dark. In the autumn, it will have to be fired after the sun sets.

Autumn hunting for a duck is complicated. At this time of year the bird is very cautious, but flies only in the pack. Hunting for ducks at this time is most effective from the hut. Shalash - an excellent structure, which will hide the hunter, and protect him from bad weather. It is recommended not to shoot every day from the hut, but with passes. Make a few pieces in different places and go from one to another in a certain order. So hunting for ducks will be more successful.

Screaming ducks in the fall is not as active and loud as in the spring or summer. Mindfulness is very important. In some cases, the bird stops screaming at all.

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