Husband sends wife for abortion

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... On August 25, Madame reported that she was pregnant. We went to the clinic. She left the doctor and said that the gestation period was 2 weeks, but they said nothing more to her. Once again I asked if she needed this child, because I don’t need him, I’m 21, I’m not ready for children, I don’t want and I won’t ...
... husband left because of an unplanned pregnancy
I'm in the third month. How to be me, I do not know. He replied - we did not agree. First, let's buy an apartment .. but .. That's what happened ...
... I sit and cry I AM PREGNANT. But the husband wants to get rid of him. He says: - there are a lot of problems, the work is not constant, now I’m not ready to be a father, and in general this is not a toy and you are to blame ...
... pregnant with her second child, her husband categorically against, she does not want to listen! He says that he should go for an abortion, that I broke his life ... insults ..
Here are a few examples from the network, from which I am terrible. I used to think that abandoned and unnecessary in the case of pregnancy, only ladies can be left alone. And here it is. Married women were in the humiliating position of a schoolgirl who suddenly flew in.
Yes, it would be better from a random youngster, a young man "flew", in fact, not so insulting.Firstly, the child's genes will be better, and, secondly, when the partner is random, then go to the exit one for the peasant, if not normal, then at least predictably. But where are the fathers of families with their valuable opinions? Why did they marry then?
Of course, I understand that the father of the child also has a voice, but what then guarantees marriage in general? And what kind of fertility can we talk about?
It's clear that in marriage a woman has only one small preference - get a divorce and file for child support (well, or file a marriage, but divorce is inevitable anyway). This, of course, according to our salaries is most often a trifle, legs with a nasty sheep, even a shred of wool. But only now the child still needs to be brought up all his life, they need to be engaged ...
In short, from all sides an unpleasant situation. And a very devaluing price ring on the ring finger.
The most interesting thing is that in the eyes of the public, it will be the woman who will be considered the murderer of her child. It is with her that psychologists and priests will talk. She will suffer from social condemnation and moral torment. And the husband is nothing.

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