I do not like my mother

Hello! Please publish my letter. Perhaps I have an atypical, but extremely tense situation. I have a conflict with my own mother. It seems that everything is simple and normal, but it poisons life so much that I do not know what to do. You will not send your own mother to hell, but you really want it. I know, everyone considers themselves to be ideal and loving moms, mine is so sure of that.
She did everything right.
But in fact, from the infancy of her age she passed me into a full-time nursery. And on the weekend with me, too, did not really communicate. I grew up in a 24-hour kindergarten, on the weekends her older sister came to her and together they went to the cinema, asking a neighbor to look after me.
For all my childhood, I never went with my mother on her vacation, even though she went to a sanatorium to the south every year. Grandmother called and sat with me. Mother had to "arrange their own destiny."
But when the granddaughter was born, she began to harshly criticize me for not letting the child go to the toilet and bath. He shouts to me: "You are not a mother, the mother must not for a minute leave the child" !!!!!
When I remind her how I grew, she replies: "I had a different situation."
We swear in black! The daughter cries, the husband says that all the jokes about the mother-in-law are fair, but not enough and suggests that she be resettled. From such conversations mother falls ill immediately. So it turns out that either a bad daughter, or a bad mother to her child, because her eyes are slightly wet. I do not like my mother.

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