I want to be happy again.

Answered on June 15, 2016 15:50
It so happens that you are emotionally more deeply "entered" and "rooted" in this relationship than he. You have a strong emotional memory - it is she who blocks all kinds of changes and prevents you from starting your life in a new way. Usually such people need a lot of time in order to “move away” from past relationships, they need to survive the gap fully, so as not to come back later. He apparently either lost interest in you or else during the relationship and simply skillfully maintained "the appearance of that everything is good," or just treats it more easily, or initially did not take you seriously, or maybe he met his love - so it happens too, so it was very easy for him to start with someone else. Most likely, you do not appreciate yourself highly (and in vain!), Once blocked the possibility of a new happy future because of the person who left you for someone else. Or in the depths of your soul you hope that everything will change. But this way you can sit out and wait for the weather by the sea, feeding yourself with some unreasonable hopes, while for a long time everything will be fine for him absolutely without you.Do you want yourself such a future? It is unlikely that there is something good. It’s very difficult to have a really good new relationship with someone while you are emotionally attached to the past. Although in practice, the principle of "knocking a wedge of a knock out" often works. Emotions can keep for a very long time, but if you see that they make you unhappy, you need to get rid of them. There are several all sorts of different techniques of emotional unleashing. In general, you can advise you such things: 1. Come up with a "ritual" of parting with the past - he can put a "block" in the minds and feelings, a sense of the end. For example, if you have a common photo, tear it apart, dividing you and him, as if showing yourself that you are already separate. Some can be helped by analyzing the past: just taking a piece of paper and writing out what was good in a relationship - thank you mentally for it, and then - what you didn’t like, didn’t suit - this is important, since it will also reduce the emotional attachment; perfect. And ideal people, as we know, do not happen. You can just throw out all your feelings on paper, so to speak, “pull” them out of your head, and then crumple the leaf and throw it away, as a sign of deliverance.Make up something of your own or try some of it. 2. Next, you need a dose of something positive. Give yourself a day off, do something nice for yourself, something that will definitely lift your spirits. It’s not for nothing that many people change their hairstyle, etc. - these types of “ritual” of new life are a similar concept in psychology. 3. It makes no sense to look for someone on purpose or to spite the former, and in general there is no point in a new relationship, as long as you are not ready for them. Take care of your hobbies, find new interests, take a trip. Firstly, it is useful, secondly, you will feel the taste of life, thirdly, it will finally help to move on. You will be filled with something new, which means that you will update yourself. This will attract new opportunities and new luck in your life, you will begin to appreciate and respect yourself - and this is very important for healthy relationships. 4. Own from a person either does not go away, or still returns, but the person himself has no control over this. If you are not able to change the situation, and in this case it is, just let it go. Perhaps it’s just not your man, and fate is preparing you for something completely different. Let go of the situation, do not expect that one day someone wonderful will change everything - such tales happen in life very rarely and not at all. Love yourself and just live, and all the best will come in due time.

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