Ideas to decorate the hall for the holidays

Holidays are always joyful events loved by all people. It is very important to think on the eve of any celebration about the creative program, competitions, banquets, gifts ... One of the most important aspects of a successful celebration is creating a festive atmosphere, because everything begins with it. In this article, we will look at ideas on how and with what to decorate the hall for a holiday with your own hands.

The basic rules of decorating the hall

  1. Find out or measure the area of ​​the ceremonial hall.
  2. Ensure that the room complies with technical safety standards.
  3. Count the number of sockets and electrical appliances in the ceremonial hall, make sure that they work properly.
  4. Take assistants to your team.
  5. Select the main organizer and assign responsibilities.
  6. General cleaning and ventilate the room.
  7. Measure the temperature and humidity of the room.
  8. Balls, flowers, ribbons, tablecloths, napkins, decorative ornaments should be in the same style.Adhere to one color scale, or combine no more than two three colors in one hall.
  9. Do not do everything at the last moment.
  10. Buy advance hall decoration items.
  11. Always order with a reserve, because the balls can burst, the flowers break ...
  12. Remember that goods can be returned or exchanged within two weeks.
  13. Know the exact number of guests.
  14. If you doubt your design skills, it is better to entrust the matter to professionals, or use any finished idea you like taken from the Internet.
  15. Try to do everything at a high quality level and then everything will turn out.

Balloon Hall Decoration

Balls - the most popular element of the decoration of the hall. Look very nice arch of the balls. They can be placed near the stage of the hall or at the entrance to the hall.

arch of balls

Helium balloons will excellently decorate the ceiling of the ceremonial hall. Helium is lighter than air, so the balloons fly up. Some people like to inhale helium into their lungs, then talk in a childish voice. When you decorate a room with helium balloons, it will be fun at a party, as someone will definitely want to indulge.

foil helium balloons

If you have a limited budget, do not despair, use ordinary balloons, but glue them to the ceiling with double-sided tape.There is another way to inflate balloons with helium at home, it is shown in this video.

Figures from balls look very interesting. Inflate a lot of balls and with the help of double-sided tape form a heart, a square, a number and whatever you want.

heart of balls

Detailed information on how to make figures from balls, with step-by-step instructions for making and photo examples, is described in this article. You can decorate with balls: ceiling, floor, windows, doors, walls, stage, chairs, and whatever you want. Unleash the imagination! Balls can be the main decoration of the hall, and can be combined in equal quantity with other elements of the decoration, looking harmoniously.

Decoration of the hall with flowers

The rose is a very showy and beautiful flower. Most women consider him a favorite. Build bouquets and decorate the tables.

bouquets of roses on the tables

Use rose petals, decorating the floor, tables, windowsill. They can be sewn or glued to the tablecloth. The ceremonial hall will look romantic and smell sweet with wonderful aroma.

rose petals in the hall

To brighten up the solemn room, choose bright colors. Thus, underline the creativity of this event.

room decoration with flowers

Large, hand-made flowers are considered very fashionable.You can watch a detailed video tutorial on this video!

You can make small flowers of corrugated paper, then arrange them in a ball.

flower balls

Decoration of the hall cloth

Using the same cloth, you can transform different tables and chairs. After that, they will look harmoniously from one collection. Tie a bow of bright color on the back of the chair and admire the beauty.

bow chairs

Use beautiful festive fabric with glitter and modulations to decorate the walls.

cloth wall decoration

To give lightness, elegance of the staircase, use a thin translucent material.

translucent fabric for decoration

Candle Room Decoration

Candles will help create a gentle atmosphere. You can use small curly candles of bright colors to decorate the table.

Candle Room Decoration

A great idea to put a figure or candles on the floor with candles. Do it in a spacious place away from fires.

Candle Room Decoration

To emphasize the luxury of the event, use large aristocratic candles. It is better to purchase flavored.

Candle Room Decoration

Decoration of the hall with ribbons

Satin ribbons shimmer in the light. They can decorate the chandelier.

Decoration of the hall with ribbons

With the help of satin ribbons you can decorate the chairs.

Decoration of the hall with ribbons

Attach satin ribbons to the ceiling, and they will effectively decorate any room.

Decoration of the hall with ribbons

Decoration of the hall for popular holidays

We present to your attention a photo selection of ideas how to decorate the hall for special occasions. And we start with a great holiday - weddings! This is a special day when a new family is born, and therefore the festive atmosphere should be special!

chic wedding hall

A wonderful holiday for all lovers - Valentine's Day. The main symbol of love is the heart, which means that we will decorate with hearts!

atmosphere for the day of lovers

Birthday is the favorite holiday of most people. The atmosphere of the room, of course, should be joyful and cheerful.

birthday party

Defender of the Fatherland Day - a holiday of real men. Create a cool atmosphere and leave space for all sorts of competitions.

holiday hall on February 23

International Women's Day - a holiday of beautiful creatures. The atmosphere of the room must be beautiful, and reign femininity.

festive hall on March 8

New Year is a cool holiday, which pleases with additional weekends. Creating a festive atmosphere is not without Christmas trees, rain (tinsel), and festoons. For more information on how to decorate the hall for the New Year holidays, you can in this article.

New Year's restaurant decor

Children's holidays are the birthday of the child and the day of the Protection of Children. The atmosphere of such holidays should be bright, fabulous and fun. Use a lot of soft toys, balls and sweets because children are very happy with such things!

children's room

Corporate party - a working holiday that helps colleagues make friends. It is mainly celebrated in the workplace, but the creation of a solemn atmosphere has not been canceled.

hall for corporate party

Take special responsibility to create a festive atmosphere. If the ceremonial hall of small size, you should not use a lot of jewelry. They will take a lot of space, and there will be a lack of space in the hall. Better decorate simply, and tastefully adhering to the classic style. If the ceremonial hall is huge - turn on the fantasy and work as it should on the decoration of the hall.

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