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Igor the meaning of the name and the interpretation of the name. Igor - the warlike (other scandals.).
Name days, patron saints. June 18 (5) - Blessed Igor Olegovich, Grand Duke of Chernigov, left the reign, monastic. In 1147 he was killed by rebels in Kiev during a prayer before the icon of the Mother of God.
Superstitions, omens, customs. If on Igor the bliss it rains all day - a lot of mushrooms. There will be a thunderstorm - all hay harvesting will be bad.
Zodiac name - Gemini. The planet Mars. The color of the name is gray-blue. Auspicious tree - hornbeam. The cherished plant is a daisy. The patron saint of the name is the bullfinch. Stone-mascot - beryl.
Diminutive form. Igorek, Igor, Igoryusha, Mountain, Grief, Igosha, Igorsha.
Middle name. Igorevich, Igorevna.
Name and character. Igor is extremely proud, most of all he is afraid of falling into a ridiculous position, and that is why from childhood he peers into a mirror invisible to others: do I look decent? Caring for health leads to the fact that the carriers of this name regularly play sports and even become champions. Clever, persistent, avoiding evil influences, Igor prefers to achieve everything himself and rarely uses the help of relatives and friends.He is patient and hardworking, but to a certain level. Can go astray and achieve nothing in life, despite the rich makings. His fantasies always suppress real possibilities. He is light on his feet, and if he is in a good mood, it is difficult to find a person more pleasant!
Name in history and literature. Igor Svyatoslavich (1151-1202) from the clan of Chernigov princes, son of Svyatoslav O., Prince of Novgorod-Severeky. Known unfortunate campaign in the Polovtsy land (1185). In 1169, Igor Svyatoslavich participated in the militia of eleven Russian princes who had gathered under the banner of Andrei Bogalyubsky against Mstislav Izyaslavich, the Grand Duke of Kiev. In 1171, he walked with the northern brigades to fight the Polovtsian land and won a famous victory not far from the Vorskla River over the Khans of the Polovtsy, Kobyak and Konchak. A successful campaign (1184) of the South Russian princes against the Polovtsi prompted Igor Svyatoslavich, along with his brother Vsevolod, Prince of Kursk-Trubchevsky, nephew Svyatoslav Olegovich, Prince of Rylsky, to undertake a new campaign next year. They went to the banks of the Don and Sala. The first meeting with the Polovtsy ended in Russian success, but on the shores of Kayal (Kagalnik) Igor was surrounded by hordes of Polovtsy sweeping from all sides.Most of the soldiers fell on the battlefield, and the princes with the remnants of the squad were taken prisoner. From the captivity, Igor fled, leaving his son Vladimir there. This campaign of Igor Svyatoslavich on the Polovtsy served as a canvas for the famous "Lay and the Battle of Igor".
In 1198, Igor, after the death of Chernigov prince Yaroslav, took the Chernigov table. Left behind five sons.
Igor Nikolaevich Severyanin (1887–1941) - the author of beautiful, musical poems, for which he was once called an elaborate decadent. Known are his collections "Thunderous Cup", "Pineapples in Champagne". The author of the immortal line: "I am a genius, Igor Severyanin, is inebriated by his victory ..." After 1917 he emigrated from Russia to Estonia, where he died.

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