I never understand the life of insects. As if the aliens are some people, not humans. Primitive, they would only eat, sleep, drink and lead Instagram - that's all, and that these God's creatures are capable.
Ksenia Borodavkina told about the domestic incident.
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“We were lying, chatting, I was playing cards in parallel on the phone — and suddenly ... I heard:“ Hello, hello, can I have an ambulance? ” I was stunned: he did not even warn me! And now the husband is waiting for the doctors and says: "Soon you will be alone here. I am dying, and you play cards." It's so funny to me, I say: “Listen, we give birth, we experience such pain, you can’t even imagine. You would never have experienced it!” Well, it began: "And we go to war!" This conversation went on until the doctors arrived. ”
Instead of taking eferalgan from the dog in the mouth, the healthy beetle causes an ambulance. I picked up a virus in Turkey, shit, it burned, it had a feverish point - you have to pull the doctors who could calmly save someone from a heart attack at that moment.
At the same time, the fat spider-wife lies and plays cards in the smartphone. Well w mother, caring wife. It only came to her that the peasant became ill when he pissed himself and began to demand doctors by telephone.
While the ambulance bug was driving with a spider arguing: who is more painful? The spider said, “Try to give birth,” and the beetle, crying from the temperature, said that the men are going, if cho, to the war.
One gave birth under the epidural, the second - about the rustling of the war, peeing in the pants on the temperature, the hero.
God forbid to live like this.

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