Interior decoration of the house. Stone for interior decoration

Brick finish

The use of bricks is quite a bold and interesting option for decorating a room. Properly selected design will be able to refresh any interior.

Unfortunately, this type of interior decoration is quite expensive. After all, the cost of this material is quite high. Interior brick walls can be made of two types of bricks: clinker and decorative.


This is a fairly convenient and reliable material, which is often used for wall cladding. It is made of refractory clay. Baking occurs in special ovens in which the temperature exceeds 1000aboutC. Thanks to this fabrication, the material is strong and durable. He is not afraid of moisture, it is not subject to corrosion. The cost of this material is quite high.

Manufacturers make two types of clinker bricks, the dimensions of which are close to standard brick or tiled samples.Interior decoration involves the use of tiled clinker bricks. Its thickness does not exceed 1 cm. Decorating walls with this material is a rather laborious and expensive process, therefore it is rarely used.

interior decoration of the house


Decorative brick, which is used to finish the walls from the inside, can hardly be called a brick. This material is more like tile. It completely repeats the shape and surface of the brick. The thickness of the material does not exceed 4 cm.

It is used to decorate the walls not only indoors, but also outside. For interior decoration, decorative white brick is most often used. Also very popular is tile imitating natural stone. Such a stone for interior decoration turns a room into an unusually beautiful and mysterious place. Visually, the surface of this material is very difficult to distinguish from natural stone.

The process of installing decorative bricks is very similar to the installation of ordinary tiles. It is installed on the adhesive base. The parts are separated from each other by crosses and clips. They protect the clutch from slipping. After a few days, you need to remove all the tools and cover the seams with a special mortar.

Decorative plaster finish

Decorative plaster is another option for interior design of the room. Often with decorative plaster imitate brick. To do this, you must purchase special tools and materials.

Interior decoration of the house with decorative plaster begins with the marking of strips on the wall. It is necessary to draw lines of laying and intersection of bricks on it. After that, along the lines you need to stick an adhesive tape or a special masking tape. The thickness of the tape should be 1 cm. It needs to repeat the entire pattern drawn on the wall.

Then it is necessary to apply decorative plaster on the surface of the wall and form the external relief. Leave the composition on the wall for a few minutes. After curing, remove the pasted tape. It should move away easily, leaving behind a smooth trail of brick joints.

After a day (when the solution is completely dry), the plaster can be rubbed and painted, and the seams should be filled with a special solution.

Wallpaper finish

For many years, this material is popular. Modern manufacturers offer many options for drawings that will satisfy any desire of customers.

 interior decoration

The popularity of this type of wall decoration is obvious, because this material is relatively cheap and quite practical. Anyone who has no experience can glue the wallpaper.

Unfortunately, wallpaper does not tolerate high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, this material is not recommended for use in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Glue wallpaper should be a standard way. First you need to clean and prime the wall surface, let it dry. Then the walls and the surface of the wallpaper must be smeared with special glue. Then the wallpaper must be applied to the wall and gently smooth.


Interior decoration of the house is also possible through the use of special panels. They perfectly imitate brickwork.

Panels for interior decoration are made of plastic, wood, chipboard or drywall. Their formation occurs with the use of relief patterns. Such panels can hardly be distinguished from a real brick. The surface of the panels is protected from corrosion and moisture.

Panels are characterized by long service life. There are various color shades of the material.

Installation of this material is quite simple.It is mounted on a pre-installed wooden or metal frame, if the walls have many irregularities. In another case, the panels are mounted directly on the surface of the walls or the ceiling with a special adhesive. Between themselves, these tiles are connected using special grooves.

interior trim panels

Cost of materials and work

The highest price for materials and work is characterized by clinker and facing bricks. Experts do not recommend to start this work independently, because the laying of this material should be extremely accurate. The cost of work with facing bricks is from $ 8 per 1 m2, with decorative - from 4 dollars per 1 m2.

Interior decoration is characterized by a fairly low cost, because only gypsum mix is ​​used. But the master will have to pay a little more, because you have to spend a lot of time preparing the walls. The cost of work is 3-5 dollars per 1 m2.

The cheapest type of interior finish is the use of wallpaper.

stone for interior decoration


Remember that each of the types of interior has its own characteristics. From such a diversity, each person will be able to choose a suitable option for himself that will correspond to his financial capabilities.

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