Biography of Irina Slutskaya

Irina Eduardovna Slutskaya - a famous single skater, winner of many sporting achievements, including two Olympic medals and 7 titles of world champion. Seven times she occupied the highest rung of the podium at the European championships of the strongest, four times in the Grand Prix finals.
Figure skater Irina SlutskayaFigure skater Irina Slutskaya
After retiring from the big sport in 2006, she became a TV sports presenter, a participant and host of popular television ice shows and TV projects (Winx on Ice, Magic World of Sport, Ice Age), was elected deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma United Russia, entered the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.


One of the most titled in the history of domestic sports "singles" was born February 9, 1979 in Moscow. Her father worked as a teacher in a car technical school, her mother was an engineer at a car factory.
Children's photo of Irina Slutskaya (with parents)Children's photo of Irina Slutskaya (with parents)
She first got up on the ice at the age of 4, when her relatives sent her to the Sokolniki sports club to temper her health. A year later, she herself allegedly made the decision to transfer to the Moskvich sports school, where Zhanna Gromova became her mentor, under whose guidance she then trained her entire sports life, demonstrating the stunning complexity and beauty of the performance program.
In the photo: Irina Slutskaya and her trainer Zhanna Gromova.In the photo: Irina Slutskaya and her trainer Zhanna Gromova.
In addition, as the athlete recalled, she was able to convince her parents, who were at work all day, to allow her not to attend kindergarten - for a more rational allocation of time for training and thereby increasing her athletic performance. She was such an independent child that one day she even realized how to cook dinner for herself in the absence of her family — she took a sausage from the refrigerator freezer and warmed it up on the battery.

Sports career

At the beginning of their career, coaches doubted the prospects of the girl, considering her non-plastic and non-artistic. Having matured and honed the technique of performance, she gained charming femininity and since then has demonstrated not only lightness in the ice arenas.performing incredibly complex rotations, individual jumps and cascades, but also the highest artistic component.
Young Irina SlutskayaYoung Irina Slutskaya
She won the first, which became the start of a brilliant career, when she was only 8 years old. From that moment on, she had to adhere even more strictly to the principles of proper nutrition and a regimen that provides for early lifting and two times daily workouts, and also to accept the absolute lack of free time.
It is worth noting that in her busy life, there was a period when she managed to do ballet and attend music school. Since childhood, it combined everything necessary for victories - perseverance and patience, responsibility and self-reliance, hard work, discipline and strong nerves.
In 1993, the young athlete became the winner in the Nebelhorn Trophy tournament, in 1994 she was the third in the Junior World Championship, and in 1995 she was the first. In the same season, she earned a "bronze" in the championship of the Russian Federation, 5th place in the competition of the strongest skaters of European countries and the 7th at the World Cup. In 1996 she occupied the second, first and third steps of these tournaments respectively.
1993: young Irina Slutskaya in the Nebelhorn Trophy tournament
In the future, the star of the national sport has repeatedly won the title of the strongest figure skater in Europe and the world, taking prizes in prestigious international figure skating forums. So, at the Olympics-1998 in Japan, she took fifth place in the tournament for the title of world champion and at the Universiade in January 1999, earned "silver."
In 2000, she retained second place at the World Cup and was the winner in a difficult fight at the European and Russian championships, as well as in the Grand Prix finals. In the same period, she received a higher specialized education, graduating from the Moscow Academy of Physical Education.
The figure skater, as close as possible to her sport to art, in 2002 won the “gold” at the World Cup and the “silver” award at the Olympics in the United States.
2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Irina Slutskaya
After a severe disease of the vessels, she managed to recover with incredible difficulty and win the battle for the highest award at the World Cup in 2005 and Europe in 2006, as well as win the bronze medal at the Olympics in Italy.
The last Olympic performance of Irina Slutskaya (2006)
In November of the same year, the figure skater, who by that time had 40 gold, 21 silver and 18 bronze medals, announced the decision to leave the big sport.
After the Olympics in Turin, Irina Slutskaya left the big sportAfter the Olympics in Turin, Irina Slutskaya left the big sport

Activities outside the sport

The athlete was able to successfully adapt to new life conditions. She did not want to engage in coaching, but she realized herself on TV as an observer, presenter and actress.
Irina Slutskaya in the show "Ice Age" (2013)Irina Slutskaya in the show "Ice Age" (2013)
She was co-host of Evgenia Plushenko on the TV show Stars on Ice, Marat Basharov on the Ice Age, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in the third season of the same show, Alexei Yagudin in the TV project Ice Age. Professional Cup ", appeared on his ice as a participant in the project.
Fans of the sports star could see her in the TV series “Hot Ice”, in the romantic comedy “Three and the Snowflake”, in the performance “Successful Deal”, permeated with subtle humor.
Irina Slutskaya and Gediminas TarandaIrina Slutskaya and Gediminas Taranda
The famous athlete became a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, received the status of the Ambassador of the XXII Olympiad in Sochi,headed the Voluntary Athletic Union, opened two schools of figure skating (in Ivanovo and Podolsk).

The personal life of Irina Slutskaya

Famous athlete married to Sergei Mikheev. He is a former boxer who, after the end of his career, devoted himself to coaching with children.
Irina Slutskaya's husband is a former boxerIrina Slutskaya's husband is a former boxer
They met during a trip out of town in the company of mutual friends. In 1999, after a period of round-the-clock telephone conversations, beautiful courtship with flowers and gifts, they got married.
In 2016, their marriage was allegedly on the verge of breaking. In the mass media, the skater attributed intrigues with the managing director of one of the large companies, Andrei Novoselov, with the actor Konstantin Khabensky, with the general director of the Voluntary Sports Association, Alexey Tikhomirov, with whom she appeared at social events. Fortunately, the spouses are still together and continue to bring up their two children - Artem, who was born a year after Irina left the big sport, and I am cooking for the youngest child for 3 years.
Children of Irina Slutskaya: Artyom (born in 2007) and Varvara (born in 2010)Children of Irina Slutskaya: Artyom (born in 2007) and Varvara (born in 2010)
According to the athlete, who was called a rare example of sports intelligence, she swears in a car if someone makes a dangerous maneuver nearby.
Irina loves to read, especially appreciates the works of Arthur Schopenhauer and the Russian classics - Bulgakov, Tolstoy, Kuprin.

Irina Slutskaya today

In September 2016, the legendary figure skater was elected as a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma from the United Russia party.
Now Irina Slutskaya is actively building a political career.Now Irina Slutskaya is actively building a political career.
Demonstrating an active life position, in January 2017, she launched an initiative to create a physical therapy department in the Yakutsk clinic. Her proposal was discussed and supported during the round table with representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic.
In February, she visited Vologda to participate in the Healthy Cities Forum and the Interregional Conference on Disease Prevention, where she stressed that in her opinion, sport is the best way to prevent and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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