Iroquois - a stylish and original hairstyle

Iroquois - hairstyle, which recently could bring impressionable elderly women to faint. Now, almost everyone perceives it calmly. People on the street stopped turning around and poking their fingers when they saw a mohawk at passers-by on their heads. The men's hairstyle short Mohawk with neat styling may be appropriate even for those who work in a formal setting. Let's find out why this style is so attractive.

Iroquois - hairstyle with history

The idea to make such a hairstyle first appeared in the days of the Indian tribes living in America, on the territory of the modern states of Ontario and Oklahoma. Now the inhabitants of these territories lead a calm and peaceful lifestyle, but their distant ancestors, the Indians, were a warlike people. Forming a mohawk from the hair, they used a special viscous substance derived from the resin of the trees. Next, they painted their hair in bright colors, so as to frighten the enemy.Iroquois for them was not just a hairstyle, but a symbol of fearlessness and courage. His task was to demonstrate strength, aggression and readiness for battle.Mohawk hairstyle

Much later, in the 70s of the last century, the Iroquois found its second birth. In these times all kinds of subcultures were actively developing. Punk movement has become especially popular. The main feature of punks, besides bright clothes, was the mohawk. Her hair was fixed not by resin of the tree, but by various improvised means, among which were beer, sweet water. And some even claim that borsch was used for these purposes. At this time, the mohawk was a symbol of protest against the standards of the system.

Mohawk today

What today symbolizes the mohawk hairstyle? For men, this is a way of self-expression and an effective tool with which you can emphasize your unique style. Haircut is no longer an indicator of some kind of informal judgments or belonging to a subculture, but is usually a sign of fashion. It is worth noting that making the Mohawk is much easier than before. Now it is not necessary to use hard-washed resin of trees or water with sugar that attracts insects. Instead, on the shelves there is a large selection of various tools.Namely: special hairspray, fixing gels and mousses.

How is a mohawk done

Hairstyle, this is often done in the barber shop. In the specialized salon any, even the most complex variations of such haircuts are performed. The master with experience will always be able to get the desired result and make you happy with the new hairstyle. A short mohawk can be done at home with a clipper. The principle of its creation is very simple. First, you need to separate the hair in a middle parting, then in each side is indented by half the width of the Iroquois. These strands are separated and, if possible, fixed. The rest of the hair on the occipital and temporal parts of the head is cut off.

The main task is to correctly determine the cutting center and to ensure that the length transition lines are even.Mohawk man's hairstyle

Who is the mohawk?

Before you go to the hairdresser and order a specialist to create a mohawk on your head, you should very well consider all the pros and cons of this hairstyle. Iroquois - male haircut, which may not be suitable for everyone. This hairstyle almost always visually pulls the face up.Therefore, the owners of a thin elongated face with sharp features, choosing this haircut, risk aggravating their problem.

In addition, even if you decide on such an experiment, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing the type and form of the Iroquois. People with round face shapes can look ridiculous if the strip of long mohawk hair is too thin. Conversely, a wide band can visually change the shape of a face and make it square.mohawk hairstyle male short

Now more and more children can be seen, on whose heads there is a mohawk. Hairstyle for boys is quite suitable. Little dandies look cute and funny with similar haircuts.

Types of Iroquois

Those who were interested in the theme of the Iroquois, probably heard that, despite all their diversity, there are several specific types. The name of each of them depends on the width of the strip of long hair, and this indicator is measured with the help of fingers.

If the thickness of the strip is 2 fingers, this Mohawk is called American. When this distance is equal to four fingers, the hairstyle becomes a Siberian Mohawk. Shaving the hair only from the temples, the hair on the frontal and occipital parts of the head can be of any length, implying a Gothic Mohawk. The men's hairstyle is a short classic mohawk that has clearly defined parameters.Namely: hair length 4 cm, strip thickness 2 cm.

There are also more extreme types of Mohawk for the most extraordinary and bold. For example, studded. When it is created, the strip itself is divided into several parts, each of which is recorded in a separate beam. It is possible to create such a variation only with the help of styling tools or initially to model during the haircut, making special “gaps” that separate one spike from another.hairstyle short mohawk

Such Iroquois are considered a work of hairdressing, and it is not so often to see them. Much more common are the Iroquois, who are called recumbent. The length and shape of this hairstyle is chosen so that it looks attractive and stylish, even without special styling.

Mohawk for girls

It is not always the male mohawk hairstyle. You can often see similar "facilities" on the heads of girls. The most daring shave the temples and neck, while leaving a thin strip of long hair, which can be combed or laid in another way.

Girls can also do a mohawk hairstyle without a special haircut. To do this, you just need to smoothly brush the temporal hair and fix it with stealth at the top, and with the free strands you can already make the necessary manipulations,do nacis or put on the scallop.Mohawk hairstyle for men

Iroquois - the choice of celebrities

Often, popular athletes, singers, film actors and other public figures choose a mohawk to create their bright image. For example, fans of this hairstyle among women celebrities are Riana, Pink, Gwen Stefani. At various times, the mohawk tried on Kimberly White, Ruby Rose, Vanessa Simpson. The same hairstyle can be seen on famous men associated with show business, such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and others. And the soloist of the world famous and popular punk band The Exploited, Wattie Buchan, is even called the father of the Iroquois.Mohawk hairstyle for boys

As you can see, the mohawk is a haircut that can give your image brightness, courage and audacity. But not always that which looks beautiful and relevant in a nightclub will also be appropriate in the office, at work or in other everyday situations. Therefore, before you go to the hairdresser to carry out such an idea, you should definitely think carefully whether you will always be comfortable with such a haircut.

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