Is it possible to win millions in the lottery?

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So, friends, today there will be an advertising post with a story about modern lotteries and the question of whether it is possible to win them at all now. Fasting timed to drawjackpot of $ 422 millionfrom the modern Mega Millions lottery - so if you are a gambling person, be sure to click on the link, it may be interesting for you to participate)
And under the cut - a story about how much it was possible to win the lottery in the USSR and in the nineties, as well as the question. In general, go under the cat, it is interesting. Welladd friendsDo not forget)
How much could win in the USSR?
In the first years of the USSR, lotteries were banned, and then, in the second half of the twenties, they were again allowed. Since the late fifties, the circulation of Soviet lotteries began to be conducted regularly, and even later they began to be broadcast on television.
Lottery tickets were bought at the Soyuzpechat kiosks, as well as in any special, purely lottery kiosks - for example, at the Sportloto kiosk.Also in the USSR, lottery tickets were distributed in a “voluntary-compulsory” procedure as a change — for example, instead of small kopecks, change could be given out with lottery tickets. I also heard about cases when lottery tickets were given a part of salary or scholarships.
What were the prizes in the lottery? In relation to the total number of tickets sold (and the money earned for it), the winnings were very modest - the jackpot of the Soviet lottery Sportloto was 20,000 rubles, which is about 80-100 thousand dollars for present money. Agree - very modestly for a large all-union lottery. There were also “consolation prizes” of 1 ruble (at a ticket price of 30 kopecks), but we do not count them.
How much could win in the nineties?
In the nineties, there began to appear a lot of all sorts of different lotteries, in which there were both valuable prizes and cash bonuses. “Sportloto” began to give up its positions, new players appeared on the market - Lotto Million, Russian Lotto and many others. The principle of the game itself now also often differed from the previous one - now it was not necessary to fill out a ticket and drop it half into the box a few days before the draw - often filled tickets were scanned right on the spot by the seller.
How much could win at that time? In the nineties, the size of jackpots increased significantly - they averaged about $ 1 million each, plus you could also win valuable prizes like apartments - it was much higher than the Soviet winnings, where the maximum jackpot was an analogue of the current 80-100 thousand dollars, and the most valuable prize is a passenger car like a “Muscovite” or a “Zhiguli”.
And how much can you win now?
And now you can win millions and even tens of millions of dollars in the lottery. For example, right now the Mega Millions lotteryplays a huge jackpot- As much as $ 422 million. You can join by the link above (it is active), especially since you can buy lottery tickets now without getting up from the monitor) There is about 15 hours before the draw, so if you are a gambling person, hurry)
So far, no one has won such a big jackpot at Mega Millons. Prior to that, the biggest win was a prize of $ 319 million, which was won by one ticket. Then in Mega Millions, a jackpot of $ 315 million was hit. Then there was another gain of $ 462 million (more than this), but it was divided by two lottery participants on two tickets.
Here, of course, it’s worth saying that these are all sums of jackpots, and the mathematical probability of winning it is extremely small (although it still exists and there are such winnings). But on the other hand, there are many other winnings of completely different amounts in the lottery - starting from the cost of a ticket and ending with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In general, if you are a gambling person - try to play Mega Millions, you can buy tickets.right here. Suddenly lucky)
And in the comments I would like to know whether you play the lottery at all? Did they play in the USSR or in the nineties? Did you win anything?
Write, interesting.

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