Is online casino safe?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
February 27, 2017
Is online casino safe?

How among the variety of projects to choose a truly reliable project that will work stably, eliminating breakdowns, errors and other troubles? It is extremely important to determine the degree of reliability before registration and the start of the game. How to do it?

Variety of games

Each video slot and game is a complex program that is protected by copyright. The more casino games, the more money invested in the project. This indicates a serious approach to business. Pay attention to software developers, the more famous the manufacturer, the higher the quality of the product.

The mirror of the official site

Any large project has several mirrors. Mirror is a clone site with the same database. If access to the main resource is closed or technical work is being carried out, then you can use this option. Thus, the casino is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Duration of existence

A huge role is played by the time of the existence of casinos on the Internet. The optimal period is 3 years.However, if the creators are simultaneously several projects, the duration fades into the background.

Today there are several fresh projects from proven companies, which in a short time not only caught up with other projects in popularity. One of them is Frank casino. Here there is a unique bonus program and a huge list of benefits. One of them is the bonus of the day. You can read more about this type of rewards in the article

License availability

If the institution does not have legal permits for activities, then you should not contact them. The site must contain all the necessary legal information related to the operation of the service.


There is a huge number of thematic sites. As a rule, they present a rating of gambling establishments. The higher the popularity of the project, the higher the level of user confidence. Even negative reviews of ill-wishers are unable to significantly influence the expert opinion.

Independent auditors

There is a list of independent online casino honesty auditing companies. They periodically conduct an audit of the institution.If the institution works honestly, all the necessary documentation is present, then such a service is approved. The more companies have confirmed the reliability of the institution, the better.

International Casino Association

This is an organization in which only legal institutions and proven companies participate. Independent auditing companies testify that a casino is an organization that meets all standards and provides access to site statistics.

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