Isaac Newton and his great discoveries

Great personality

The life of epochal personalities and their progressive role for centuries has been meticulously studied. They are gradually lining up in the eyes of descendants from event to event, overgrown with details, recreated from documents, and all sorts of leisure inventions. Isaac Newton is like that. A brief biography of this man, who lived in the distant XVII century, can be placed only in a brick-sized book volume.Isaac NewtonSo, let's begin. Isaac Newton - English (now substitute the "great" for every word) astronomer, mathematician, physicist, mechanic. From 1672 he became a scientist of the Royal Society of London, and in 1703 - its president. The creator of theoretical mechanics, the founder of all modern physics. Described all physical phenomena based on mechanics; discovered the law of the world, explaining cosmic phenomena and the dependence of earthly realities on them; tied the causes of tides in the oceans to the movement of the moon around the earth; described the laws of our entire solar system.It was he who first began to study the mechanics of continuous media, physical optics and acoustics. Regardless of Leibniz, Isaac Newton developed the differential and integral equations, discovered the dispersion of light, chromatic aberration, attached mathematics to philosophy, wrote works on interference and diffraction, worked on the corpuscular theory of light, theories of space and time. It was he who designed the mirror telescope and organized the monetary business in England. In addition to mathematics and physics, Isaac Newton was engaged in alchemy, the chronology of the ancient kingdoms, wrote theological works. The genius of the famous scientist so far outstripped the entire scientific level of the seventeenth century, that contemporaries remembered him more as an exceptionally good person: unfriendly, generous, extremely modest and affable, always ready to help his neighbor.


The great Isaac Newton was born in a family of a small farmer three months ago in a small village. His biography began on January 4, 1643, when a very small premature baby was put into a sheepskin mitten on a bench, with which he fell, having hit hard.The child grew up painful, and therefore uncommunicative, could not keep up with peers in fast games and was addicted to books. Relatives noticed this and sent little Isaac to school, which he graduated from as the first student. Later, after seeing his zeal for learning, they allowed him to study further. Isaac entered Cambridge. Since there was not enough money for training, his student role would be very humiliating if he were not lucky with his mentor.Isaac Newton biography


At that time, underprivileged students could only learn as a servant from their teachers. This share fell to the future brilliant scientist. All sorts of legends, partly ugly, go about this period of the life and creative paths of Newton. The mentor whom Isaac served as was the most influential freemason who traveled not only throughout Europe, but throughout Asia, including Middle East and Far East, and Southeast. In one of the trips, as the legend says, he was entrusted with ancient manuscripts of Arab scholars, whose mathematical calculations we still use. According to legend, Newton had access to these manuscripts, and it was they who inspired him to many discoveries.

The science

Over six years of training and servicing, Isaac Newton went through all college levels and became a Master of Arts.isaac newton brief biographyDuring the plague epidemic, he had to leave the alma mater, but he did not lose time for nothing: he studied the physical nature of light, built the laws of mechanics. In 1668, Isaac Newton returned to Cambridge and soon received the Lukas Department of Mathematics. She got him from the teacher - I. Barrow, the very mason. Newton quickly became his favorite student, and in order to financially provide a brilliant protégé, Barrow abandoned the department in his favor. By that time, Newton was already the author of the binomial. And this is only the beginning of the biography of the great scientist. Next was a life full of titanic mental work. Newton has always been modest and even shy. For example, he did not publish his discoveries for a long time and was constantly going to destroy those and other chapters of his amazing “Beginnings”. He believed that he owes everything to those giants, on whose shoulders he stands, having in mind, probably, predecessor scientists. Although who could precede Newton, if he literally about everything in the world said the very first and most weighty word.

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