Krasheninnikova Veronika: biography and family

Krasheninnikova Veronika - famous Russian political scientist and public figure. Received the greatest popularity, as one of the main initiators of the law on "foreign agents".

Krasheninnikova Veronika

Political scientist biography

Veronika Krasheninnikova was born in the Vologda region in 1971 in the city of Cherepovets. She graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute. She also studied in France, at the University of Sorbonne. Fluent in several languages.

In 1996, she worked at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. After three years she has advised European companies on international projects.

In 2001, she became a member of the trade and economic council between the United States of America and the Union of Independent States. The board was in New York.

In the 2000s, Krasheninnikov Veronika finally moved to New York, began working in the publishing company STES as an executive director.Actively built and developed her career in America.

In 2006, she headed the New York branch of the company. At the same time, she became the official representative of St. Petersburg in America on behalf of the then governor of the northern capital, Valentina Matvienko. At the end of the year, she initiated the opening of the information and business center of St. Petersburg in the USA.

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Return to Russia

In 2007, Krasheninnikova Veronika received a Ph.D. in Moscow. She defended her thesis at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. The theme of her research was Russian-American relations, the problem of political culture in the modern world.

Then for another two years she worked as a representative of the Russkiy Mir Foundation in the USA and Canada. This is a public organization that has been promoting the Russian language and culture abroad, supporting the study of the Russian language in foreign schools and universities.

Head of the Institute

In 2011, she returned to Russia as head of the institute for foreign policy research and initiatives.

For the first time, Veronica Krasheninnikov, whose biography was closely connected with work in the United States, spoke about the law on “foreign agents” in 2012.In the Regnum news agency, she published an article calling for the adoption of such a law in Russia.

A little later, her institute took part in the development of the draft law “On Registration of Foreign Agents”. At the same time, Veronika Krasheninnikov, whose nationality is Russian, stated that the institute is engaged in research and educational activities. However, she refused to name like-minded people who provide funding to the organization she heads.

Veronica Krasheninnikov biography

Law on "Foreign Agents"

According to the adopted law, foreign agents are organizations that are engaged in any activity on behalf of a foreign state. There are certain restrictions on their work.

The law on non-profit organizations was adopted in 2012. Veronika Krasheninnikov, whose photo fell on the pages of many business and social and political publications, was one of his most active lobbyists. As a result, many domestic non-profit organizations received the status of foreign agents.

Under the action of the law were those who were engaged in political activities, received money or other valuable property from abroad.Also, this definition has been extended to foreign employees of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, religious organizations, state-owned companies and corporations.

All listed organizations are required to register with the Ministry of Justice, as foreign agents, and to indicate this status in all publications in the media, including the Internet.

It is worth noting that this legislative practice is used in many countries. At the same time, in Russian and English the term "foreign agent" has a double meaning, also called spies. To avoid this, in many states such organizations call the more neutral term - “foreign representatives”.

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Work in the Public Chamber

In 2013, Krasheninnikov became a member of the Federal Public Chamber. She became a member of this body after the special decree of the head of state, Vladimir Putin, was issued.

At the same time, in the news agency Russia Today, she became an adviser to the general director, and also advised the chief editor of the Russia Today TV channel.He has written a number of articles in various publications, for example, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, devoted to the problems of the country's foreign and domestic policy.

In 2014, she joined the Committee of Public Support for Citizens of the South-East of Ukraine, formed under the Russian Federation Council. And in 2016, she joined the leadership of the country's largest political party, United Russia. On the eve of the elections to the State Duma, she took an active part in shaping the party’s electoral program.

Since the spring of 2016, Krasheninnikov has been a regular host of the author's program on the Zvezda TV channel. Her information and analytical project is called “Forecasts”, in her she tries to cover the main events related to the internal and external policies of the state. Krasheninnikova’s program comes out on Mondays at prime time. At the moment, she is one of the most recognizable faces of the TV channel belonging to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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Works Krasheninnikova

Veronika Krasheninnikova is the author of a number of films and books. In 2006, she published a journalistic work "America - Russia: Cold War of Cultures" in the publishing house "Europe".In 2012, another collection of her articles "NATO. Myths and Reality" was published.

In 2011, Krasheninnikov joined the group of scriptwriters of the 8-episode television film of the channel "Russia 1" "USSR: the death of dreams and superpowers." At the same time, together with Arkady Mamontov, she took part in the creation of the documentary film “The Heroine Way”. Krasheninnikova was responsible for the American part of the project.

In 2015, together with Mikhail Leontyev, she released the documentary film “Orange Children of the Third Reich”.

Veronika Krasheninnikova husband children

Personal life

Who is Veronica Krasheninnikova's husband? This question is asked by many journalists. Some of them suspect that her family ties are connected with State Duma deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov, but she herself denies this.

Her personal life is carefully guarded. Veronika Krasheninnikova is doing her best for this. Husband, children, all other relatives are hiding from the public.

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