Vodka "Kremlin" - commissioned by the Kremlin

Vodka "Kremlin" - is a domestic product. It is manufactured under the close supervision of the Office of the President’s Affairs. Which is not surprising at all. A product with this name should be of good quality and delicate, mild flavor. In principle, this is what many product reviews say. Also, a distinctive feature was the fact that production is carried out under strict control, which allows you to get a really high-quality product.


Vodka "Kremlin" was presented at the international exhibition, which was called "ProdExpo 2012". Viktor Khrekov, who was a representative of the Presidential Affairs Office and was in charge of press relations, participated directly in the presentation of the alcoholic beverage. According to him, this drink should become a leader in its price category. Still, safety and taste are put in the first place in its production.

Also interesting is the fact that it was announced the beginning of the delivery of this product to events held with the participation of the first persons of the country.Earlier, the President and the Prime Minister were supporters of a healthy lifestyle, they were rarely seen with drinks of greater strength than champagne. Even at informal meetings, the president preferred only beer. However, with the release of vodka called "Kremlin", everything can change dramatically.

Kremlin vodka

And who are the manufacturers?

Vodka "Kremlin" - the brainchild of several large companies. Such giants as the Moscow Plant Kristall, where the product was bottled, made their hands to the creation of this drink. For this, special forces were involved. Several Russian and European companies are involved in the design and formulation.

It is worth noting that vodka "Kremlin Award" is only the first step. The plans are to create a line of alcoholic beverages of a special, “Kremlin” orientation. Within the framework of this campaign, an agreement has been concluded with the Ararat company for the production of Kremlin Everd cognac. Plans to create and sparkling wine.

vodka kremlin

Package design

Vodka "Kremlin" lives up to its name, and the icon with the image of the Kremlin, or rather the Kremlin chimes, comes to the fore. By the way, it is made of metal, and is not just a drawing, which undoubtedly gives weight.The bottle itself is quite heavy, as it has thickened walls and a bottom for better preservation of the product. This gives the drink solidity.

Cork drink also inspires confidence. It is carefully sealed, black on the reverse side. On the lid the name of the vodka is additionally printed. The volume of a standard bottle is 0.7 ml.

Vodka Kremlin Award

Taste qualities

There are few ingredients in the product, which indicates its naturalness. Made vodka "Kremlin" of alcohol class "luxury". Also in the composition you can see the infusion of oatmeal and malic acid. According to reviews of those who have already tried this product, the taste is soft enough, with a bright aftertaste. Bitterness is moderate.

Vodka "Kremlin", whose price is quite high compared to other alcoholic beverages, belongs to the premium segment. Its cost ranges from 1,300 to 1,500 rubles. Therefore, it is not surprising that its production is carried out under intensive control not only by the Office of the President, but also by sanitary-epidemiological services.

Taste pronounced vodka. At the same time there are rye shades. The finish has a bitter note. The aroma of vodka is soft, there is no sensation of obvious alcohol.Also, those who tested note the velvety drink. Therefore, it can drink not only men, but also ladies.

A distinctive feature of Kremlin vodka is its effect on the body. Distinguished by the absence of hangover in the morning. The head remains light and not turbid. Also, there is no strong intoxication. Such vodka is considered safe from all sides, does not cause alcohol poisoning.

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