The series "Bridge": reviews of the audience, actors, plot

At the beginning of 2018, the fourth season of the series "Bridge" was released. Reviews show that the popularity of the tape will not decrease very soon. Most likely, fans will be able to see many more interesting stories related to the events on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

The main characters of the series "Bridge"

The plot of the series

In a review of the film "The Bridge" states that the creators greatly surprised the audience with the plot of the tape. Everyone knows that Sweden and Denmark are considered very favorable countries for life. That is why the brutality of what is happening in the series is so striking.

It all starts with the fact that the lighting at the Öresund Bridge, which connects the two countries, is turned off. The failure was eliminated, but after that a corpse is found right on the border of Denmark and Sweden. A rather famous woman from Sweden turns out to be killed. Law enforcement officers of the two countries decide that the state, to which the girl belonged during life, should be involved in the investigation.

Sweden is starting an investigation.When doctors begin to practice the body, they discover that the lower part of the body belongs to a completely different person, namely a prostitute from Denmark. Now the second country is involved.

The investigation is led by Sarah Noren (a detective from Sweden) and Martin Rode (a police officer from Denmark). Partners find out that the killer had been preparing for a crime for a long time. By his action he hopes to show something like justice, but in reality he is driven by revenge.

The plot of the multiseries "Bridge"

Next seasons

In reviews about the TV series "Bridge", viewers also like to compare the seasons of the project. The first, of course, was the most interesting for the audience. The second is almost the same as in popularity. In the center of the plot are the same characters. This time a new crime on the bridge is a lost ship that crashes right into the building. At first glance, the ship arrived empty, but the police found in the hold of five people - two Danes and three Swedes. People were connected for quite a long time, they were already on the verge of death. Sarah and Martin, who have never seen each other after the completion of the previous case, take up the investigation again.

Reviews about the series "Bridge" after the release of the third season have changed a bit. The fact is that now the secondary hero has become the head of the investigation. Despite this, by the end of the series, fans were able to appreciate the character, and were satisfied with the season as a whole. The popularity of this project has only increased.

Positive reviews

Denmark and Sweden were engaged in the production of multiseries. In reviews about the TV series “Bridge”, viewers often say that the tape has become really impressive, has received worldwide recognition. The project is the most famous ribbon of its country of production.

Fans of the story admit that they could not move away from the screens, so waiting for the release of the new series, and then the new seasons was especially painful. According to fans, the picture is very tense, sometimes dark, but incredibly intriguing. The real offender becomes known only in the last episode of the season, so that before the audience could only guess who could be a terrifying maniac. The answer to the question also did not disappoint.

Building a story is very impressive. Initially, many lines are shown that seem completely unrelated to each other, but then they are very organically intertwined with each other.In such techniques, the creators often forget about some of the details, or not all the stories seem to be completely revealed, but this is not about the directors of Most. Directors and screenwriters have carefully worked out the multi-serial, without missing anything.

The main characters of the series "Bridge"


Despite the huge popularity of the project, some viewers were still unhappy with the viewing. They left their impressions as negative reviews about the TV show “Most”.

Denmark and Sweden in the tape are shown in inhospitable, gray places. It seems that people here are very unhappy, deprived of warmth, love and other good things. The audience does not argue about whether it is in fact, but only dissatisfied with the general atmosphere of the multi-serial.

No one is attracted by the people shown in the tape. Most often they look really awful because of the old, scary clothes. Most of all, it is surprising that such characters are the main character of the series. Sarah does not look like a standard beauty. Moreover, she looks very tired, as well as a tormented life. In fact, it is. The girl does not know how to communicate with people. Because of this, the Swedish detective story is often attributed to mild Aspenger syndrome.

All this does not like the audience, but many of them say that the advantages of the tape, the plot, the intrigue cover the flaws. If you have not watched the series, but are going to start, be prepared for the moments described above.

The plot of the series "Bridge"


Performers of the main roles are also often recalled in the reviews about the TV series “The Bridge”. Denmark and Sweden are well chosen actors for their project. The audience was pleased with them.

The role of Sarah Noren performed Sophia Helin. Martina Rode was introduced to the audience by Kim Bodnia. Ture Lyndhard, Dag Malmberg, Sarah Boberg also starred in the film. Other roles performed by Rafael Peterson, Gabriel Flores, Christian Hillborg.

Starring in the TV series "Bridge"

Analogs of the series

Reviews of the series "The Bridge" of the audience and critics were so impressive that other countries decided to withdraw their versions of the project. However, none of the analogues can compete with the original in popularity.

In the American counterpart of the high season, the main actions took place on the border between the USA and Mexico. First, the tape differs from the original in its atmosphere. If the Danish-Swedish project is known for its cold, gray, then this analogue is no different from the usual American detective series.

The idea of ​​the investigation at the border of the two countries liked the French Canal + and English Sky Atlantic TV channels. In this version, the crime was committed in the tunnel under the English Channel, so the project was called the Tunnel.

In 2016, Russia decided to create an analogue of Most. In this case, events unfold simultaneously in Russia and Estonia.

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