Lathe work on wood: craft or art

In this article, we will introduce you to the mainrules of manufacturing of products, which can be turned on the lathe with their own hands. Lathe work on wood is an artistic treatment of wood, from candlesticks to balusters for staircases. The grinding process is quite complex and consists of several components: the choice of the workpiece and the tool, the determination of the rotation speed of the workpiece, the direct grinding and subsequent finishing. Sometimes the finished product requires varnishing, intermediate polishing and drying. But first choose the workpiece. The rules are simple, first of all you need to determine the dimensions of the product in the finished form.

wood turning workSuppose we need to cut out the candlestick. There is a drawing where all dimensions are indicated, length - 45 mm, diameter - 48 mm at the base, and 35 mm - diameter of the top where the candle will be inserted. The workpiece is selected with the calculation - length plus 8 cm, if your lathe on wood is equipped with a cam chuck, and length plus 4 cm, if the spindle of the machine with the faceplate. The thickness of the workpiece should be 20 mm in stock, that is, with a specified diameter of 48 mm, the workpiece will need a diameter of 68-70 mm.

turning of woodOf great importance is the grade of wood from whichyou will grind the candlestick. The fact is that turning wood is possible only when using solid grades. Coniferous species are categorically inappropriate, they can immediately be forgotten. They are amenable to turning: beech, ash, pear, apple, cherry, oak, hornbeam, nut and others of approximately the same hardness. In addition to hardness, the texture of the material matters. Turning works on wood give good results if the wood is beautiful. Monochrome varieties in the finished product will not look. For example, beech, hornbeam and pear have a texture with a poorly expressed pattern, and ash, apple and walnut, on the contrary, are very interesting, bright pattern, especially in the transverse and diagonal cut.

wood turning work at homeBut the texture of an adult tree is especially beautifulwhite acacia, the pattern in the divorce resembles the famous stone malachite, besides the acacia wood is also green. A good textural appeal is possessed by some African varieties. For example, the paddock of this red-brick color, the Kevazingo variety has a dark chocolate color, and the wood is macore with coffee and milk. The most noble coloring of wood rosewood, in words this texture is difficult to convey. Turning works on wood are possible on any solid material, and the choice of wood is entirely up to you.

turning billetWe fix our workpiece in the machine, one endclamped into the fists, and the other end is supported by the center of the tailstock. The center can be rotating or stationary, in any case its spout will reliably support the future candlestick. But nevertheless it is necessary to press the rear stop from time to time, not forgetting that turning woodwork at home requires increased attention and accuracy so that the workpiece does not accidentally leave the machine. Next, choose the speed of rotation. For grinding a product with a diameter of 38 mm, the spindle speed of 350 - 450 rpm is optimal. For grinding and polishing the product, the speed will need to be increased by about two times.

tools for woodworkersFirst, you need to protrude the workpiecelength so as to level its surface and get the right smooth cylinder. A flawless flat surface is needed for marking. All dimensions from the drawing are transferred to the surface of the workpiece. To do this, measure all the indicated lengths and apply pencil marks. Then we start the machine and apply a pencil to the rotating part at the marked points, we get even circular boundaries. After this operation, you can start to grind the product. But at the same time it is necessary to constantly monitor the process, it is better to once again measure, so as not to make mistakes in the calculations. Lathe work on wood is a fascinating and creative thing, with the right approach it can bring a lot of pleasure.

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Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art Lathe work on wood: craft or art