Mad love for their loved ones, can turn into an incredible tragedy.

Mad love for their loved ones, it turns out, can turn into an incredible tragedy.
Tatyana Vasilyeva could not even think that the day would come when she would be asked to pay for visits from her own grandchildren!
A terrible scandal broke out in the family of Tatyana Vasilyeva. Her daughter-in-law, the wife of the only son, took the grandsons of the actress, Grisha and Vanya, to Germany. And she said that her grandmother would not see the boys until she began to transfer 200 thousand rubles to her every month.

Those who know Tatyana Grigorievna personally, seriously fear that now, in her 69 years, she will begin to plow like a cursed one. To earn the necessary money and pay the blackmailer. Because for the sake of her children and grandchildren, Vasilyeva is ready for anything ...


This story began last fall. Then Philip, son of Vasilyeva, unexpectedly escaped his wife, grabbing as many as she could350 thousand euros is more than 20 million rubles! Ran away and disappeared - the phone is not responding, acquaintances take away their eyes, whisper behind their backs: they say, it has gone over to another peasant.

Philip, selflessly loving his wife, was in deep shock. But his mother was hardly surprised. Tatyana Grigorievna has long suspected that her daughter-in-law, actress Anastasia Begunova, is not true to her husband. Stas Sadalsky, a close friend of Vasilyeva, said that she even hired a detective to bring Nastya to clean water. Philip, of course, could have figured it out himself - everything is not a youth, 35 years already. But Vasiliev is from that category of fanatical moms who take care of their children before their retirement.

- So it was from the very beginning, from their birth. I, apparently, have too much a feeling of motherhood, it is on some animal level, - says Tatiana. - I was always on the alert. She knew what my children were doing, where and with whom they went, what time they returned. And there was no rest for me, and there never will be. Even when I am on performances, on the set, on tours in another city, I am still with them. I never turn off my mobile phone, I always have it at hand. I understand that it is time to let the children go. But every time I get scared: what if something happens, and I do not know?

She still has Philip and the youngest daughter, Lisa, who is already 28 years old.
Both of them do not really work - so, from time to time.
Mom's son and daughter justifies: they are not her idlers, not dependents - they are just looking for themselves.
Lisa still cannot decide what she would like to do; Philip is planning to receive her fourth education.
We must try to help the children.
Therefore, my mother, who has long been a pensioner by age, tirelessly travels on tours.
I bought children in a spacious apartment in Moscow, in the country, regularly giving my son and daughter money to live on, she herself drags bags of groceries and clogs refrigerators.

- It is believed that I created them some luxurious conditions.
And I just provided them with the necessary - says the actress.

Vasilyeva’s daughter is not married, and her son has been idling for a long time.
Now the actress is eating herself for not having dissuaded him from marrying this Runner.
Moreover, she herself also pushed for the wedding: Nastya got pregnant, and Vasilyeva insisted: at the registry office and the point ...

“I didn’t expect Philip to have children.” Because with all his courageous appearance, he is quite childish. I always thought he was a sissy. And he was one.I was so shaking over him that he grew up under my constant reservations: “Do not go here, you will fall there, do not do this ...” In his character there is selfishness, self-love, ambition, explosive temperament. But he became a good father.


In her grandchildren, who were born with a difference of two years, Tatyana Vasilyeva did not mind. Every free minute flew to them - to nurse, play, develop. Nothing for Vanya and Grisha did not regret. Philip conceived to study in Germany - immediately gave him money to buy housing there, so that the boys and his wife would go with him. For some reason, the son postponed his studies, the money remained in his account. From there, according to Philip, Nastya took them off when she ran away from him.
- She was always greedy. “All this time I have lived at the expense of our family,” Philip now complains. - She said: “Why should I strain myself if your mother has a lot of money ?!”
According to rumors, now Nastya lives abroad with her lover, whom her grandchildren Vasilyeva already call her dad. They say she is expecting a child from her roommate, although officially still married to Philip.
Knowing how insanely Tatyana Vasilyeva loves her family and grandchildren, Anastasia decided to unscrew her mother-in-law and get the content from the actress.

- She set a condition for my mother and me: if you want to communicate with the boys, pay 200 thousand rubles every month! - Outraged Philip. “For the sake of the grandchildren, the mother is even ready to forgive Nastya the 350,000 euros, but paying for visits with Vanya and Grisha is too much.
I want them to live in their homeland, in Russia.

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