Mad Money Prince

Dying, the Prince left behind a fortune of $ 800 million.

The will is absent. The money will go to his next of kin - his sister - a former drug addict and a prostitute.
Here she is:

Photo: AP Photo / Steve Karnowski
And here is one of the Prince’s villas:

I absolutely do not care that the amount that you can not even comprehend (it is so large) will go to the former drug addict and prostitute. This is absolutely not my business.
Another thing makes me mad: why does the singer Prince cost almost a billion dollars?
What did he do for humanity? Wrote a dozen hits in the 80s? Not just hits, but super hits? OK. More than a dozen? Is accepted. But is it really worth such a lot of money?
Mankind is crazy. I understood this long ago. Well, you can’t pay millions for songs, no matter how good they are. Showbiz workers do not produce anything that would move humanity forward. They do not save lives. Their relatively easy work should not be paid so indecently high.
Every day 22 thousand children die in the conditions of the most severe poverty.

In 2011, 6.9 million children, who were not even 5 years old, died of hunger and thirst. Every hour of the whole year 800 children left the life. They did not have enough food. They did not have enough water. They did not have enough medicines.
At the same time, the singer Prince made a fortune of $ 800 million.
Showbiz in our world is terribly overvalued, and human life is catastrophically undervalued.
Madness. Cruelty. So it is, but it should not be so. This is not even a path to the Apocalypse. This is the Apocalypse.

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