Makeup at home: tips and tricks

Sometimes a person turns out to be rather unusualsituation, when you need to make makeup at home. Can I create an unusual image on my own and save time and money on visiting specialized salons? Of course, this is possible. It is only necessary to follow the instructions.

make-up at home

Skin Preparation

Before you start applying makeup in your homeyou need to properly prepare the workspace. As for applying classic everyday make-up, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the created image will not last a long time and lead you to the most unpredictable moment.

Wash with suitable skinfacilities. After that, wipe the face with a tonic or lotion. This will help to bring the skin into tone. Next, apply a moisturizer that you use daily. Give the cream completely absorbed and proceed to make up the makeup.

make makeup at home

Wrinkled face

This make-up at home is quite simple. You will need gelatin, pharmacy glycerine, a little plain water and a foundation. A similar image will be ideal for Halloween or carnival.

To begin with, mix gelatin with glycerin and water. Put the mixture on a water bath or warm it in a microwave. When the gelatin is completely dissolved, add a foundation to the mixture. In this case, it is worth giving preference to inexpensive products. Thoroughly mix the solution. After that, you can apply make-up.

makeup at home photo

At home, you can apply a cotton ball,brush or your own fingers. Spread the mixture over the skin of the face, creating wrinkles and wrinkles in the right places. Deep dents can be done with the help of conventional tools. After the image is ready, let the make-up dry well. In the end, you can apply a tonal powder with a special brush and, if necessary, use pencils for aqua-grime.

White face

This make-up at home is created whenhelp of potato starch, flour, pharmacy glycerin and plain water. Mix all the ingredients and mix the solution thoroughly. You should get a thin creamy mass.

Apply makeup on your face with a sponge orbrushes. Evenly distribute the layer over the skin and allow it to dry. When you get a snow-white skin tone, you can begin to complete the image. To do this, use the usual decorative cosmetics or special markers for the drawings on the skin.

how to make make-up yourself

Creation of skin defects

Make-up at home can be done with additional means. This image is perfect for celebrating Halloween or Christmas.

Select the appropriate accessories. It can be a broken eye, a false nose, warts or other skin defects. Usually, such things are sold in specialized stores. They are always accompanied by glue. But if you just stick an artificial body to your face - it will be noticeable. Therefore, it is so important to create a proper make-up at home. You can see the finished model photo in this article.

Prepare a mixture of gelatin, water and ordinarygreasy cream. Thoroughly dissolve the bulk material and heat the mixture. Glue an artificial part of the body to your face and evenly process the border area with natural skin. If necessary, apply the mixture to the entire face and create additional defects. You can also apply finishing strokes with a face paint. After this, allow make-up to dry.

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