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The running mask is a modern sports accessory, thanks to which an athlete can increase aerobic exercise during a workout. It works in the same way as the cardio and lung simulator. The use of the mask makes it possible to increase endurance and significantly improve the functionality of the human body.

What is a running mask for?

What is a running mask for?

Special mask designed for running, is an imitation of training at high mountains. In conditions of rarefied air, the body is forced to work at an accelerated pace in order to provide tissues with oxygen. As a result, breathing and pulse increase, ventilation significantly improves, blood circulation increases, and new red blood cells appear in the blood.

The health of an athlete suffers when oxygen deficiency gradually affects the functioning of the central nervous system. Using a mask, you can increase the volume of the lungs, as well as develop the capabilities of the cardiovascular system.Training mask for running in the winter, spring, summer or autumn is a tool to increase the effectiveness of training, if you do not have enough standard load on the body.

breathing mask while running

Running and doing all sorts of exercises in this mask is not always easy, as some people need extra time to get used to it, but in the end you can still learn how to use it correctly. The mask allows you to reduce the time of training almost twice.

Device and principle of operation

The running mask is fixed on the athlete's head with the help of a special velcro gum. Outwardly, this device is a bit like a respirator or gas mask. Details and small elements of the mask are very easy to wash: the sleeve is cleaned by hand, and the frame can only be treated with a special spray and wiped with a clean towel.

Running mask for running, for stamina, to increase the volume of the lungs is very simple. When the athlete is breathing, the flow of air is limited, as the main valve closes. The athlete can quickly change the level of resistance, thereby simulating being at different heights: from 1,000 to 6,000 meters.This device is configured by manipulating valves and diaphragms.

training mask for running


In addition to benefits, a running mask can also be harmful if it is used incorrectly. There are certain precautions that must be taken into account before workouts in order to avoid unnecessary problems. The use of a mask is prohibited in the presence of the following diseases:

If none of the above diseases exist, then the mask for running, for stamina and improving health does not bear any harm. But still, before using it, it would not hurt anyone to consult a doctor and get tested.

Varieties of running masks

Today there are not so many types of masks. They have identical properties, but have some differences that affect the cost and quality. Below are two of the best models that have earned the respect of both beginners and professional athletes. They are quite similar to each other, but this is only at first glance. Experienced athletes, using both of these masks, will find many differences immediately.

balaclava masks for running

Training mask

This mask for running in the winter or in any other period of the year costs about 2 thousand rubles and combines maximum comfort and beautiful design.The main material is a neoprene coating on top of the rubber layer. Due to this, the mask is quite strong. In addition, in this model, the creators contain resistance valves that provide good ventilation of the material, as well as excellent fixation on the face.

winter running mask


This training mask for running has a lot of positive reviews, against which the dissatisfaction of some customers is imperceptible, since they are much smaller. Of the minuses, athletes point out only the cost, because not all cities have shops where you can buy this product, you have to order via the Internet and pay a considerable amount for delivery. In addition, some individuals find minor drawbacks that do not play any role for real athletes. For example, someone does not like the look, but someone does not like velcro, which holds the mask on the head. But after all these little things are really not so important to people who buy a mask for sports.

The number of advantages significantly exceeds the negative comments. First of all, buyers claim that the mask can be applied perfectly in any weather and at any temperature.Often there are accessories for sports, which in strong cold simply break, but this mask is not one of them. Its high-quality material and ease of use help all athletes to keep in shape and always feel a surge of strength and energy. In addition, another advantage is the lack of shortness of breath after the end of the workout. Even though the lungs get a little tired while doing the exercises, the state of health does not deteriorate anyway.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

Sports attribute pumping pulmonary system will cost about 7 thousand rubles. In this mask, you can engage in strength training, jogging, football or basketball, as well as perform exercises on cardiovascular equipment.

running mask

Externally, it looks like a gas mask, although in use the accessory looks much more aesthetic. To get the desired result, it’s enough to train for a couple of days a week for 30 minutes. This mask can be used even with heart problems, but before that you should consult a doctor who can advise the optimal duration of training for the patient.


Improved development also receives in its address positive feedback from residents of different countries, as it is widespread throughout the globe. Buyers have noted an increase in the vital capacity of the diaphragm and lungs, as well as a noticeable improvement in the work of all body systems. In addition, the athlete is given the opportunity to choose a mask of a suitable size and with the colors you like, as it comes on sale in various colors. This is a great chance to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by others not only for their physical characteristics, but also for beautiful sports equipment.

Winter masks

In addition to the above masks, there are also special protective options for training in the winter. They can be found in any sporting goods store, where most often it is present in the form of a bandage. This is not a mask for breathing during the run, because it only performs a protective function so that a strong wind does not blow in the face. She dresses quite easily and quickly - you just have to put it on her head and then pull it on her face. But this is the most common option, and besides it there are others:

  1. Balaclava masks for running. In appearance, such models are very similar to the masks that robbers use in modern American films, so you should not put it on and go scare those around you. Balaclava protects the face from the wind and occurs in two varieties: with eyes open and with a large hole for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Baf The stylish design option also serves as a protection against wind. These masks are made of wool materials, so that they can be used even at a temperature of about -40 degrees. The baf is put on the head in the form of a scarf, hiding the hair, or as a hood, covering the neck, forehead and back of the head.

endurance running mask

These models are great for winter running. Although they do not train their breath, they can still have some effect that facilitates training.

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