May Day procession of the Communists

On May 1, Russia traditionally hosts many processions and demonstrations. The largest in Moscow are the morning festive demonstration organized by the authorities and a more modest procession of communists. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about three thousand people took part in the communist march from Kaluga to Theater Square.
The current Communists, of course, are unique people. It is possible to understand the old people who lived most of their lives in the USSR and could not later adapt to the new system of life. Although, on the other hand, more than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Probably, this is some reluctance to get used to the new life, for many people love to live in the past.
I am surprised by the young people, who on the processions of the Communists every year becomes more and more. That is why communism? It is unlikely, they generally fully understand what communism is. Living all life and enjoying the benefits of capitalism, and then shouting “Glory to Lenin and the Party!” Is simply amazing. It is not very clear what is in the minds of the young communists.
2Community "For Gaddafi and his people."

3. Such interesting personalities.

4. There was one banner with Udaltsov.

5. Grandmother is a communist.

6. I agree!

7. This year, few people gathered in the procession of the Communists. Something remarkable was not there either.

8. Zyuganov.


10. Everything is mixed up.


12. “Pss! Would you like to build communism? ”

13. I did not understand anything. What does it mean?

14. It was Hitler who was a tyrant and a murderer, and the fact that Stalin was destroying people was “this was the time.”



17. Girl, that's why you need communism and these processions?



20. As usual, we reached the Theater Square.

21. A country that does not exist.

22. Beautiful.

23. Where without it! The man still had a poster about Erdogan.

24. Who is this?

25. Thank you for your attention.

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