Means "Finalgon". Instructions for use

The drug "Finalon" (instructions for use contains such information) is available in the form of a slightly brownish or colorless, translucent or transparent homogeneous homogeneous ointment. The drug helps to improve local blood circulation, has a vasodilator, analgesic, local irritating effect. In the composition of the agent is present nicoboxyl, nonivamide The first component has a direct vasodilating effect. The substance nonivamide, being a synthetic analogue of capsaicin, has an analgesic effect, which is manifested in the process of gradual penetration into the nociceptive peripheral nerve A-delta and C-fibers when the skin is reprocessed.finalgon contraindicationsIn the complex, the components possess complementary vasodilating activity, provoke reddening (hyperemia) of the cover, potentiate the exchange process, increase the rate of the enzyme reaction. The effect of the drug is manifested locally.The maximum therapeutic effect is observed twenty to thirty minutes after application.

Means "Finalgon". Application

The drug is indicated for myalgia (associated with overstrain including), arthralgia, arthritis. The drug is prescribed for sprains, bruises, sports injuries, ischialgia, lumbago. The indications include neuritis, tendovaginitis, bursitis. Appointed by the means and for violations in the peripheral circulation.finalgon application

Medicine "Finalgon". Contraindications

The drug is not recommended for dermatosis, hypersensitivity. The feasibility of applying the drug during pregnancy or lactation is determined personally by the doctor.

Adverse reactions

The tool "Finalgon" (instructions for use warns about this) can cause allergic manifestations of a local nature. In particular, the negative consequences include puffiness of the face, skin rash, burning sensation or short-term irritation of the skin. With frequent application or surface treatment of a large area, these symptoms may appear more instructions for use

Mode of application

The drug is used topically.Means "Finalgon" instructions for use recommends applying in a small amount (not more than 0.5 cm). For convenience, use the applicator. It is allowed to slightly rub the drug. After application, cover the affected area with a woolen cloth. Before physical training or sports competitions to preheat the muscles, the drug Finalgon (the instructions for use contains such information) should be rubbed about half an hour before they begin. With frequent use of the ointment, the body's reaction may decrease. This may, in turn, require an increase in dosage, which should be selected individually. The drug is used twice or thrice during the day. The duration of therapy is not more than ten days. If you need a longer use, you should visit the doctor. After treatment, hands should be washed with soap and water. Patients with sensitive skin are not recommended to take a hot shower or bath immediately after or before applying the ointment.

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