Meat baked with apples and raisins.

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Here you go! The book "Kazan, brazier and other men's pleasures" recently turned 12 years old.
If a book has changed my life, if it has changed the lives of thousands of other people, ranging from addictions to food, to hobbies and even to a profession, then it can be said with confidence that it has turned out.
All other books are attempts to finish the first one, to supplement it, improve it or rewrite it.
You know, many photos for this book are preserved only in the layout file. Today I rushed to look for pictures of the recipe, which was used to shoot the plot for NTV, but it isn’t even on the net. He remembered the story that he still lived in Fergana and that day could not put a photo on the hosting. I sent the file to the owner of a single site about Uzbekistan, he posted the photo at himself, I inserted it into LiveJournal. And now, after almost a decade and a half, there is no longer that site, no trace of the photo remains on the network, only the text remains.
But now there is also a video!
A couple of pounds of mature, not too young lamb (or beef) in large chunks and browned in a cauldron.Usually, a good lamb is covered with a layer of fat, so it will be more correct if you put the pieces of lamb in the cauldron in the fat side down and wait until the fat is melted. After that, it will be enough to turn the pieces of meat several times within about five minutes so that they do not just turn white, but turn red and begin to emit a pleasant smell. Add a few onions, cut into rings and fry, gradually reducing the fire until the onions begin to thaw and at the same time become golden brown. You should not hurry with this procedure - it will be good if it takes you 15-20 minutes to do this. Then the bow will not burn, but will acquire a special texture; upon subsequent stewing, it will give the sauce its unique, warming taste.
Pour boiling water so that it barely covers the meat and leave it to boil over low heat for 40 minutes. It is better to turn down the heat to the minimum and cover the cauldron with a lid. There is no need to look in there, everything will turn out without our supervision. Add a spoon of tomato paste, a teaspoon of ground coriander, a third of a teaspoon of jeera, a few cinnamon sticks, and black pepper to taste and salt.Fifteen minutes later, taste with salt, sugar (about a tablespoon or more) and, if necessary, with lime juice. It should turn out already very tasty, the taste should be rich, the pepper should hardly be felt, but sweet-sour notes should sound quite bright. Do not overdo it with cinnamon - if its taste and aroma is felt quite clearly, then you may have to remove it.
During this time, remove the core of the apples and cut them into large slices. Fry the apples in olive oil or grape seed oil. Apples should be lightly browned, golden. It is necessary to fry them on a good fire and it is very important not to turn them into jam. Well, apples need strong, autumn, this is understandable, right? Enumerate, rinse and steam up half a cup of raisin.
Put the meat in a dish for baking in the oven, put the apples in the same dish, pour the rest in the cauldron with sauce and sprinkle with the raisins. You can put leaflets of raykhon in several places, and pour apples with the juice of one lemon. Lemon water just apples. In the process of further preparation, the dish will not be mixed, so the lemon juice will remain where it was - around the apples.Lemon juice, like any sour medium, will allow the apples to be cooked, but not to spread to porridge. Tightly close the dishes with foil and send to the oven for 45 minutes. Serve on the table in the same pot where it was baked.
10-12 hours before cooking, soak a cup of wild rice and three basmati cups. Boil both rice and rice separately (wild will cook longer) and cook the usual folding pilaf in melted butter.
PS I completely abandoned LiveJournal and Facebook to please YouTube. I don't even know if this is right. But let's talk about it next time.
PPS Haha !!! Found! Found a photo! Glory to Google all-powerful!
Still keeps the layout files in the correspondence, can you imagine?
Here is a piece from PDF!

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