Meat cutting: options for design and filing (photo)

Without can not do any of the holiday feasts. Meat cutting, as you know, is the most favorite snack of the stronger sex. Her sweep the fastest. To create such an assortment, there are no special rules - everything that is at hand can be useful.

meat cutting

Meat holiday cutting

Cold cuts are thin slices of sausage, and it does not matter which one: smoked, half-smoked, boiled, ham, boiled pork. In addition to sausage, cutting must necessarily contain real meat or meat products. It is served as an appetizer before main dishes, so that guests can appreciate the beautifully served table. Therefore, it is very important to try to put the sliced ​​products on the dish in such a way that they become the decoration of the table and only with their appearance have already caused an appetite.

meat cutting photo

How to prepare such cuts?

The main condition that should be observed when making meat cuts - it should be cut as thin as possible, have the same shape, size and the same thickness.But at home it is very difficult to do, because some of the products may be spoiled. You can buy ready-made cuts in the store or ask the seller (if there is such a service) where you buy meat delicacies, cut them right away.

For self-cooking it is necessary to have a large and well-ground knife. Before cutting sausage, ham or other sausage products, they must be removed from the casing. With meat products - brisket, bacon, rolls, etc. - it is not necessary to remove the skin. Sausage for meat cutting is cut with thin oval plates at an angle. Ham is cut across the piece. Balyk and other delicacies from natural meat - across the fibers.

The finished dish should be sent to the fridge by wrapping it with cling film. And before serving, the meat holiday cutting is slightly corrected and placed on the table.

beautiful cold cuts photo

How beautiful to cut the sausage

Slicing a nice sausage is easy. We suggest using a few simple tips.

1. Roll the sausage into tubes. So it will look interesting and festive. You can optionally alternate several different types of cuts, which will create an interesting visual effect.

2Add some vegetables and greens that can diversify the meat plates and give the dish a rather festive look.

3. Put the sauce. The special plates, which are segmented, look good, and the sauce is in the middle.

4. Show your imagination. In order to make sausage cuts beautifully, it is not necessary to be a specialist in table setting. Lay out thinly sliced ​​pieces of ham in the form of a rose, and spread around the rest of the cutting and slightly decorate with greens. Everything, beautiful cold cuts (photo options are offered in the review) is ready!

cold cuts

Laying out cold cuts

The time has long passed when cutting meat appeared on the table only on major holidays, and mining boiled pork and sausage required considerable heroic efforts. At the moment, modern shops and markets offer a huge range of meat products, so there are practically no difficulties with filling a meat plate. The main thing in this business is not only what the meat plate will be filled with, but how it will be served. The main condiment for such a dish is the artistic intent and originality of the hostess.

How to cook and decorate beautifully cut for a banquet?

First of all, you need to remove the casing from sausages. Cut into thin slices. The process is much simpler if there is a slicer, but if it is not there, a very sharp knife is required. The surface of the tongue, ham or baked ham, cleaned, removing all dried dark crusts. Meat is cut across the fibers.

Now you can proceed directly to serving. The cutting of meat, just laid on the leaves of lettuce, looks impressive. This is a great option in a hurry, when there is not enough time for some more complex dish. It looks good cold cuts, laid out on a flat dish and sprinkled with paprika or curry. The picture can be supplemented with several kinds of sauces served in sauceboats and placed on the same dish.

You can make a flower from slices of balyk, sausage or brisket, and then decorate the dish with greens.

You can make the design of cold cuts a little more difficult by preparing a more lush flower. Boiled sausage (jerky) is cut into thin slices, rolled up in half and firmly fixed in this position with green onion feathers.The second layer is folded a little looser, fixed again. The petals of the flower are slightly bent to the sides, and the lower layer, which lies on the dish, fits completely free.

Meat slicing is beautifully decorated with greens, vegetables, fruits (kiwi, strawberries, lemon).

Decorate cold cuts, if there are no special skills in cooking, you can use flowers from vegetables: a rose from beets, flowers from cucumber, tomatoes, radishes or onions. The design of cold cuts made from cheese for toast and pieces of olives looks beautiful.

Beautiful design of cutting meat for a buffet table

Buffet reception, as a rule, does not imply a long feast, therefore snacks for this event are served accordingly (canapés or in the form of small rolls).

Another no less effective way to design cuts for buffets is a strung-out snack on toothpicks and fixed on some basis.

Rolled thin meat slices can be placed in a vertical plane by placing them on a platter on a plate and garnishing with leaf lettuce. If there is not much time left, you can create a floral bouquet on a dish, combining it with flowers from vegetables, cheese, sausage, greens and pickled vegetables.

holiday meat cutting

Meat Decoration

Meat cuts, the photo of which already causes appetite, not to mention the dish itself, can be decorated with vegetables: lemon, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet yellow or red pepper, olives, olives, pickled or pickled cucumbers and other pickles and everything that is enough fantasy. .

You can in the center of the dish put sauceboat with mustard, horseradish or homemade sauce.

Beautifully looked meat products rolled into a tube. They can be filled with stuffing, which includes a strip of red sweet pepper or cheese, pickled or fresh cucumber, a slice of tomato and greens.

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