Military districts of Russia. How many military districts in Russia

After the events that have occurred in recent years on the world stage, some media predict the imminent collapse of the Russian Federation and the further seizure of its territories by military means. The reason for this was the large and seemingly immense territory of the country. The conviction that it will be possible to walk across Red Square is not refuted even by Ukrainian experts, who, due to the nature of their profession, must remain impartial under any circumstances. However, according to experts, far from politics and not losing objectivity, this scenario is excluded, since, apart from powerful weapons and a significant number of personnel, there are also military federal districts in Russia. In the event of the outbreak of war, even the most remote areas will be brought to full alert. In this regard, many are interested in what kind of military districts in Russia are presently available. The formation of such associations began in the years of royal rule.Today, the territorial distribution, as experts are convinced, is more perfect. Information about how many military districts in Russia and what tasks they perform is contained in the article.

military districts of Russia list

On the formation

The Military District (VO) is a territorial all-arms association, which consists of formations, units, military educational institutions and various local military institutions. The territorial distribution is practiced in many countries, so that during the fighting, the training of troops and staffs is organized. There are borderline, internal and frontal. The name of the city in which they are located often becomes the name for the association itself. In some countries, the IN is taken to be numbered. At the head of these formations is the commander of the VO, which, in turn, is subordinate to the Minister of Defense.


Military districts of Russia began to create in the XV century. At this time, European states acquire permanent mercenary armed forces - the fleet and armies. In the second half of the 15th century, a local army was formed in Tsarist Russia, and soon Streletsky.To streamline their work, military-administrative territorial units were created, which at that time were called discharges. At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, with the advent of the regular Armed Forces, new units emerged - the corps. During the reign of Catherine they were called inspections.

How many military districts in Russia?

Initially, the names of cities and provinces were used when naming administrative units. This tradition was also applied to the military districts of Russia. The list of territorial combined arms associations before the First World War was represented by twelve formations. By the end of the Great Patriotic War, he counted 32 points. According to experts, the Soviet Union had the highest military power in 1983. At this time on the territory of the USSR acted 16 VO. The place of operation of another four was Eastern Europe. In 2010, the reorganization of the Russian Armed Forces took place. The number of military units was reduced to four, on the basis of which new actors of the operational-strategic command were formed. In 2014, in order to organize defense in the Arctic region, on the basis of three military districts of Russia, they began to create a northern grouping. The General Staff introduced an innovative combat command and control system.

Central Military District Russia


Territorial general unions are represented by the following formations:

  • Western District (USC "West").
  • Southern (USK "South").
  • Central (USC "Center").
  • East (RSC "East").
  • Northern (USK "North"). Of all the military districts of Russia is in the formative stage.

Composition of military units

In each newly formed military district of Russia there are garrisons of the Ministry of Defense located in this territory. In addition, power structures are subordinate to the territorial combined-arms units: internal troops, the FSB border guard service, units of the Emergencies Ministry and others. Russia has sufficient experience in conducting various counter-terrorism operations, and this management system, as military experts are convinced, will be quite effective in the event of an armed conflict. Also, HE provides for the availability of medical and sanitary-resort institutions, training centers for specialists, educational and research institutions and other facilities whose task is to ensure the vital activity of the region. IN not subordinated units of the Strategic Missile Forces, aerospace defense and long-range aviation.

USC "West"

The Western Military District of Russia was formed on the basis of the Moscow and Leningrad Combined Arms Units in 2010. The Baltic Fleet is also subordinate to the strategic command. According to experts, VO is considered the very first. The place of headquarters was St. Petersburg, military garrisons - the administrative boundaries of the subjects in the North-Western, Central and Volga-Vyatka federal districts. As the Arctic grouping is being created today, some regions will be reassigned. The USC Zapad is completed with two armies, four separate motorized rifle brigades, one tank and three airborne divisions. In the Western Military District, there are 2,500 military units in which 400,000 people are serving.

Southern Military District Russia composition

According to experts, this is the third part of the entire Russian army. In the subordination of a single leadership-air force and air defense. The Baltic and Leningrad naval bases became the location of the fleet ships. The department also resides units of the Marine Corps.

Southern Military District of Russia

The basis for the USC "South" became the combat and administrative units of military associations of the North Caucasus, Volga region and the Urals.The Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla are included in the VO structure with headquarters in Rostov-on-Don. The personnel defends the southern borders and ensures stability in the territory of the Transcaucasus. The composition of the Southern Military District of Russia is represented by military units of two armies.

Southern Military District of Russia

Also in 13 regions and in the Crimea, there is a mountain division and an air assault brigade. Air defense and air forces are subordinate to the fourth command. Places for the basing of the Black Sea Fleet are Sevastopol and Feodosia, the ships of the Caspian Flotilla - Astrakhan, Kaspiisk and Makhachkala. In addition, today they are finishing building a naval base in Novorossiysk. The training of deck aviation pilots takes place in two centers in the Crimea and Krasnodar. The fleet consists of four large marine units.

USC "South" outside the country

In addition to the bases located on the territory of Russia, the Russian military command has deployed several more abroad:

  • In the South Ossetian Republic, in the city of Tskhinvali, which is the capital, quartered the 4th Guards Base. The basis for its creation were two motorized rifle regiments and one division. The service is carried by 4,000 people.
  • In Armenia, in the city of Gyumri, they placed the 102nd base.The personnel is represented by 4,000 troops. The base has motorized rifle subunits, MIG-29 fighters and S-300V complexes.
  • In Abkhazia, in the city of Gudauta, the 7th military base was stationed.
  • The Syrian port of Tartus has become the location for the base, whose task is to carry out the technical and material support of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to experts, military formations outside the country are considered to be quite effective geopolitical tools.

OSK "Center"

The basis for the creation of the Central Military District of Russia were Volga-Ural and Siberian IN. Headquarters - in the city of Yekaterinburg. According to experts, the USC "Center" occupies 40% of the country's area and is considered the largest military district in the Russian Federation.

how many military districts in Russia

The Volga region, Western Siberia and the Urals became the locations of military units - 29 regions in three federal districts. They plan to transfer the territories beyond the Arctic Circle to the Arctic command soon. As part of the USC "Center" there are two combined-arms armies, one airborne assault brigade and separate formations. In addition, in this district there is a second command of the air forces and air defense.In the cities of Engels and Irkutsk - the base of strategic aviation, and in Orenburg - the base with transport aircraft.

what military districts in Russia

On the Central Asian formation of the Central HE

The 201st double-red-base is deployed in Tajikistan and is operated by the Central Military District of the Russian Federation. Soldiers provide protection on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

OSK "Vostok"

After the changes in the operational-strategic management, the Eastern Military District of Russia with its headquarters in the city of Khabarovsk supplemented the Siberian, Trans-Baikal and Far Eastern combined-arms associations. In submission to the commander of the new territorial formation of the Pacific Fleet. Administrative borders in 11 regions in two federal districts became the location for the distribution of military units. The VO territory is at least 7 million km. sq. The main striking power of the ground forces is represented by four armies and the following separate formations:

  • Nine motorized rifle brigades. The base is the Jewish Autonomous Region.
  • Two airborne assault.
  • Three rocket.
  • One rocket-artillery brigade.
  • Three special teams.
Eastern Military District of Russia

In the future, it is planned to transfer several large units to the subordination of the Northern military group. Air defense and air force are under the authority of the 3rd command. Vladivostok, Fokino and Vilyuchinsk became the base of the ships of the Pacific Fleet. For the deployment of naval aviation, a dual-use airport in Yelizovo and air bases in Nikolaevka, Knevichi and Kamenny Ruche are provided. The aerospace defense in the amount of four military units is not in operational subordination to the command of the district.

Pacific region

In order to provide service for the Russian submarines of the Pacific Fleet, today they are engaged in the restoration of the former Kamran base in Vietnam. Plan to use it with the Vietnamese soldiers.

About defense in the arctic region

As international disagreements concerning the issues of territorial influence in the region have recently escalated, it has become necessary to increase the production capacity of enterprises operating on the shelf and to ensure the safety of cargo flows through the Northern Sea Route.As a result of the changes made, the list of territorial all-arms associations of the Russian Federation has been replenished since 2014 with another military district.

Western Military District of Russia

According to experts, for the first time in the entire history of the country, the Arctic region became the owner of its own military structure. The main power and the main striking force of the district is represented by the Northern Fleet. Also in the structure there are additional units from the USC "Zapad". The ships are based in Severomorsk, Vidyaevo, Gadzhiev, Polar. Until 2014, the Arctic was controlled by four districts and two fleets. Today the place of deployment of military ships has become the Murmansk region. At the moment, the formation of the military district is not completed. He was assigned the conditional name "North". The deployment and reconstruction of military bases is carried out on Novaya Zemlya, the New Siberian Islands and Franz Josef Land. The newly formed military group is responsible for the entire territory of the Arctic zone from the Russian Arctic to the North Pole.

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