Minecraft game features: mechanisms

One of the most remarkable features of the most popular game in the sandbox genre today called Minecraft are mechanisms. In most cases, such projects allow you to perform a specific set of actions in a completely open world. However, in Minecraft the mechanisms take this game to a higher level, since you can be wonders of acumen and create whole schemes that will work according to your plan. You can create original designs, make electrical circuits, launch large-scale systems, and so on. But if you do not know the basics, you will not succeed. Therefore, you should always start small. And this article will help you figure out what basic mechanisms are and how to handle them.

Red stone

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In Minecraft, mechanisms are completely based on the use of red stone. In this game, he plays the role of conductor of energy. Therefore, you definitely need to stock up on them in huge quantities in order to be able to freely create any mechanisms. In fact, it is used as follows.Between the two objects, which are elements of the chain, a path of red stone is laid. One of these elements must activate the signal, transmitting it along a path of red stone: it moves at lightning speed and gets to the second object, which is activated. This is the basis of the mechanisms in this game. With this knowledge you can already do the simplest chains and systems. But it is better to fully familiarize yourself with other elements first, since in Minecraft mechanisms are far from just one red stone.


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As mentioned earlier, several elements must be present in your mechanism for it to work. You have already read about the red stone, but it will not act as a conductor unless you trigger a signal on it. In Minecraft, the mechanisms are activated using switches, which can be very diverse. There are buttons that you need to step on, so that the signal goes over the red stone, there are levers that you need to pull to activate your mechanism. There are also large plates, tension gauges and other types of switches, they differ in how they are used, but they are identical in purpose: they all transmit a signal to a red stone - this is the only way Minecraft works.A mod on the mechanisms may add some features, but it will not change the basic principles.

An object

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Well, it's time to talk about the element of the chain for which it is created. Here you can give free rein to your fantasies - a regular door can complete the circuit, and a musical block that will produce a certain note, and even a trap that will work if the enemy activates the switch. You definitely need a map with mechanisms for Minecraft, as each of them describes in detail many well-known and common inventions that may be useful to you. But the most interesting thing here is ingenuity, because it is much more interesting to invent everything on your own, to make the system work and to bring you benefits. You can create in Minecraft mechanisms for the home, which will simplify your life, or create mechanisms for the battle that will help you defend your possessions. In any case, you should not forget about the basic elements of the network, without which you will not succeed.


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Repeaters are not a mandatory part of the chain, which is why many gamers forget about them, but because they allow you to make your mechanism much more flexible.Everyone knows that the signal in Minecraft goes only to fifteen blocks, after which it disappears if it does not reach the object. With the help of a repeater, you can reset the data on the signal, thereby extending its movement by another fifteen blocks. Moreover, you can customize each of your repeaters by setting one of several delay settings. This means that the signal through the repeater can pass at a normal speed if you do not tune it, but you can slow it down, thereby making the operation of your mechanism even more diverse. As you can see, using a repeater can be incredibly effective. No serious mechanism can do without these objects.

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