Modern Bagrationovsky bridge: photo, description, address

This building in Moscow was included in the list of routes for wedding walks of the late 1990s of the 20th century, as it is the only covered outdoor pavilion with a magnificent view of the modern part of the city, where you can walk at any time of the year regardless of the weather.Bagrationovsky bridge

Short story

The bridge was built in 1977. It served as a pedestrian bridge with retail outlets. In 1997, it was reconstructed in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city of Moscow. Now this bridge is one of the most famous. It is made in a modern style and looks particularly impressive in the evening with the original lighting. In fact, the bridge is called "Bagration".


The Bagrationovsky bridge was developed and designed by the outstanding architect B. I. Thor. He is also the author of such well-known projects as the "Olympic" (sports complex) and the Palace of Soviets in the city of Moscow.

Bagrationovsky bridge: photos, description

The bridge is one of the component parts of the Moscow City complex. 214 meters - its length. From the extreme lower edge of the structure to the surface of the water of the Moscow River, the distance is approximately 15 m.

The bridge in its style corresponds to the entire business complex "Moscow City". In addition to its main purpose, it is also good as a huge covered viewing platform. It offers a beautiful view of the magnificent high-rise buildings of the business part of the capital, the coastal part and the water surface of the Moscow River. This is a kind of border between the two parts of the city: the older stone and the new modern.Bagrationovsky bridge: photo

The two-level Bagrationovsky bridge is a modern and bright construction. Cozy and quite warm (heated) gallery allows you to walk even in the most unsightly time. At the top level of the bridge is an observation deck (stretched along the entire length of the bridge). The two-story bridge has blue rounded glass arches.

In addition, the bridge is equipped with treadmills (escalators) and benches. The second floor is completely open-air. This architectural structure attracts by the fact that it is a good place to take pictures on the camera in any weather and in any season of the year.In the glassed part of the bridge are boutiques and shops.

Bridge Features

The main feature of the bridge design is its combination with the high-rise building - “Towers-2000”.

Also in 2004, the composition Tree of Life was installed in the lobby of the Bagrationovsky Bridge (by Ernst Unknown). This sculpture symbolizes the struggle between good and evil. It looks like a typical tree, but instead of leaves there are portraits of famous people - state figures, artists, in general, all those who made a certain contribution to the development of the capital.Bagrationovsky bridge.How to get there by subway

Bagrationovsky bridge: address, location

Thus, another stylish and modern place appeared in Moscow. Looking from the side, you can see the following spectacle: a rather pleasant warm gray-blue color of modern aerial metalwork in combination with transparent white lamps (in the shape of a ball). All this makes a variety in this area and a feeling of surprising lightness.

Bagrationovsky bridge: address

Kutuzov Avenue and Krasnopresnenskaya embankment connects this Bagrationovsky bridge.

How to get on the subway to it? You can get there through the metro to the station "Exhibition". The exit from it is directly opposite the bridge.But it should be remembered that the Bagrationovskaya metro station of the same name is quite far away. The address of the location of the bridge: Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 16, building 1.

What can be visited near the bridge?

Not far from the building under consideration there is a large well-known shopping center - Afimall. Bagrationovsky bridge is adjacent and with major highways.
Nearby are the recently opened stations of the Moscow metro station "Mezhdunarodnaya" and "Vystavochnaya", and a little further - "Ulitsa 1905 goda", "Studencheskaya", "Kievskaya" and "Kutuzovskaya".

The beautiful embankment, the Krasnaya Presnya Park and the Sechenov Botanical Garden are all located near this bridge.

It has also become a favorite place for newlyweds due to the stunning views of the city from the tiers of the building.

The Bagrationovsky bridge was also criticized for its peculiar "aerospace" appearance and, as some consider, practical worthlessness, as there are no excitement in the shops with galleries, in the cafe and restaurant located on the bridge.

Despite all this, the bridge is a favorite place for quiet walks of vacationers due to the fact that it offers a surprisingly beautiful overview of the city and the embankment.

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