Mole: what is it?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
February 19, 2015
Mole: what is it?

In Russian, quite often there are words that have not one, but several meanings. In this article we will describe what the word mole means and reveal its meanings.

What is a mole: meanings

  1. A moth is an insect that belongs to the Lepidoptera species. It is a domestic pest. There are several types of moths, but it is the clothes moth, which lays eggs in fur coats, woolen carpets, and clothes, which causes the greatest harm.
    The clothes moth prefers to eat keratin, this is the stratum corneum from which the fur and wool products consist. Moth caterpillars eat cloth, thereby spoiling clothing, furniture upholstery, etc. Also, some sources indicate that some species of moth can eat vegetable food: bread crumbs, flour, wheat, oats, and other cereals. Besides the fact that the mole causes damage to clothes, the insect is a carrier of various diseases.
    There are many ways to fight insects. The shops sell various sprays, you can also use folk remedies.For information on how to get rid of moths, you can find information in the article How to get rid of moths.
  2. The word mole has another meaning. Mole is the most important concept in chemistry. Mole (from the Latin. Moles) is the mass or quantity, i.e., the unit of measurement of the amount of a certain substance in the International System of Units.
  3. Also, a mole is a forest, which is floated down the river with logs, not binding into a raft.
  4. Mole is a synonym for the musical term minor.

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