Motorcycle "IL Planet-7": description, specifications, photos

"IL Planet-7" is ranked in the middle category, is an upgrade of the fifth series. Mass production of the model was carried out at the Izhevsk Machinery from 1987 to 2008.

New motorcycle IL Planet-7

History of creation

Bike "IL Planet-7" was a continuation of one of the most popular series among domestic motorcycles. For a long time, the palm in this class was kept by the predecessor under the index 5.

Motorcycle IL Planet-5

The important structural features of the machine in question include the presence of a more comfortable seat with a canister, a significantly narrowed fuel tank, which makes it easier to fit, as well as updated optics and direction indicators. The designers also worked on improving the suspension, which has become more confident to hold the road, regardless of coverage.

Improvements and differences

From its predecessor, "IL Planet-7" differs in a number of parameters. Among them:

  • Four-stroke engine with reduced volume, but the same power.
  • The presence of starting electric starter.
  • Narrowed fuel tank.
  • Upgraded dashboard.
  • Advanced optics.
  • Contactless ignition system.
  • Updated clutch assembly design.
  • Separate lubrication system.
  • Improved dynamics due to the use of a five-speed gearbox.

Specifications of the new "IL Planet-7"

Below are the main parameters of the tactical and technical plan of the motorcycle in question:

  • The power unit is a gasoline four-stroke engine.
  • Cooling - atmospheric type.
  • The number of cylinders - 1.
  • Volume working - 250 cubic meters. cm.
  • Power rating - 20 horsepower.
  • Ignition type - electronics.
  • Transmission - manual transmission in five modes with a foot switch.
  • Length / width / height - 2200/800/1300 mm.
  • Wheelbase - 1450 mm.
  • Clearance - 13 cm.
  • Weight - 160 kg.
  • The top speed is 120 km / h.
  • Average fuel consumption is 5.5 l / 100 km.

Advantages and disadvantages

Motorcycle "IL Planet-7" had a number of advantages over its predecessor and most other domestic counterparts in this category. These include:

  • The original design of the exterior.
  • Informative high-quality suspension.
  • The combination of the engine sufficient power and efficiency.
  • Acceptable cost, compared with foreign competitors.
  • Reliability and durability of most nodes.
  • High maintainability and availability of spare parts.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good handling, including cornering.
  • Pretty high speed.

Like all technology, the modification "IL Planet-7" has certain disadvantages. Here, consumers point out the following points:

  • Limited service life of the rear wheel bearings.
  • Badly cools the atmospheric system in the hot season.
  • Traction parameters are weak when moving with a sidecar.
  • A characteristic, intermittent vibration when the power unit is running.

Features of the new motorcycle "IL Planet-7"

The new bike from Izhevsk designers at the expense of less weight and gearbox with five ranges has higher dynamic parameters than its predecessor. All changes significantly modernized the new product, including the design.

The simple design of the motorcycle and the unification of many parts with Planet-5 greatly facilitated the operation, repair and maintenance of the unit, including with their own hands.

For reliable operation of all units and increase their service life, it is necessary to replenish the oil in a timely manner, as well as to conduct technical inspections (TO-1, TO-2, TO-3) as recommended by the manufacturer.

Engine motorcycle IL Planet-7


There were several modifications of motorcycles in the same class in the domestic market, which were in direct competition with Planet-7:

  1. The cult model of Czech production "Java-350-638". The device was equipped with a 350-horsepower engine with 26 "horses" with two cylinders.
  2. "Minsk-125". Lightweight motorcycle, known to the general public since Soviet times, practical, not picky in operation and maintenance.
  3. "Sunrise 3M." The famous series from the plant in Kovrov, in this line has received updates of almost all important nodes. Engine capacity - 175 cu. cm.

Owner reviews

Consumer feedback on the bike in question varies. Among the advantages, many owners allocate affordable cost, acceptable fuel consumption, sufficient power, nice design and a high level of maintainability. Despite the rather impressive dimensions, the bike is quite suitable for beginners and girls.

Opponents say that "IL Planet-7" absorbed most of the problematic "moments" from its predecessors.Among the minuses note unreliable brakes, angularity, lack of power when using the trailer. In addition, users complain about the unreliable operation of electronic ignition and fast oil consumption.

Motorcycle IL Planet-7

The result

Motorcycle "IL Planet-7" is a classic modification, time-tested and domestic road surface. Along with an affordable price, the bike has high parameters of reliability and quality. It can be operated not only in the city, but also on country roads. At one time it was a good breakthrough in the development of Russian motorcycle construction.

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