Nail care at home

In any case, every woman makes a manicure for herself, applies a varnish on her nails and does it either in the salon or at home. But for a healthy type of nails to be strong, such manipulations are not enough. Requires special care for them, which must be done with special attention. Like the skin on the face, the nails also require a good attitude and are capable of showing excellent results in the future with their strength and grooming. Only filing and varnishing them, this will not be enough, because you want your nails to attract views. Believe me, nail care at home is not such a complicated procedure. It is important to find some free time and usually take care of it regularly. Gradually, gentle care of your nails will strengthen in your subconscious and this will be as natural a process as, for example, brushing your teeth in the morning. Strengthen nails at home 1. In order for nails to become strong and fast-growing food must include vitamin A, it is found in large quantities in carrots, liver, tomatoes, pepper, butter and greens. 2Vitamin B, which is found in eggs, cabbage, meat, fish and dairy products, is essential for nails to grow quickly. I still need iodine contained in sea kale. Calcium is necessary, which helps the nail plate to be solid, it is contained in dairy products. To prevent inflammation on the nails in your diet include foods rich in sulfur - it's cucumbers, onions and cabbage. 3. Although used once a month to use products that include gelatin - mostly filler dishes. It has an excellent effect on the strength and growth of nails. You can just pour gelatin overnight with warm water, and in the morning eat on an empty stomach. 4. Use therapeutic nail polish that will help strengthen them and protect them from the influence of external adverse factors. And once a week, do not paint your nails at all, let them rest. 5. When the nails are yellowed, you can give them the same color with lemon and lime, it will also strengthen them. 6. Usually the nails begin to delaminate from a lack of calcium, it is better to combine it with vitamin D, without it it is poorly absorbed. 7. Do not do baths with soda for nails. 8.From brittle nails to make a bath: you need a warm vegetable oil, squeeze the juice of one lemon into it. Apply it preferably once a week. Hold the nails in the baths of an equal ratio of vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar or warm olive oil. 9. It will be useful to wipe the nails with lemon juice, vinegar, black, red currant and cranberry juices. 10. It will be very useful to pamper your nails with a compress: you will need 25 grams of glycerin, 100 grams of water and 5 grams of alum. Compress to do for two weeks, then for a month to take a break, then repeat. 11. A very well-known method of nail care at home is salt baths. The most useful salt in this case is, of course, sea salt. In warm water dissolve one teaspoon of salt. Hold nails for 20 minutes. For two weeks in a row to repeat this procedure, then after a month it should be repeated. In order to prevent the procedure recommended to perform once a week. This will not make much effort, because you can sit and watch TV, and keep your legs in the bath. 12. Wash hands only with warm water. Hot water leads to their roughness, and cold to flaking. 13.Nourishing cream on the skin of the hands is applied every day. 14. Baths from whey are very useful for nails, after finishing this procedure, anoint hands with fat cream. 15. When the nails began to break, you can make a tub of starch - take 1 tablespoon of starch per 1 liter of water. Hold the nails for 15 minutes, then wash your hands with warm water and smear them with cream, which is thoroughly rubbed into the nails and cuticle.

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