New Chinese military icebreaker

According to Chinese media, on December 28, 2015, in Huludao (Liaoning Province), a ceremony was held to introduce the new diesel-electric icebreaker Haibing 722, the lead ship of the new project 272, into the Northern Fleet of the PLA Navy. The icebreaker was built at the shipbuilding enterprise Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy located in Huludao Industry Company, Ltd. (BSHIC), a member of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), the Chinese state-owned shipbuilding corporation, known primarily as the builder of Chinese nuclear submarines.
New commissioned Navy PLA diesel-electric icebreaker Haibing 722 project 272 (c)
The Haibing 722 icebreaker will be used mainly for navigating ships and ships in winter conditions in the periodically freezing Bohai Gulf of the Yellow Sea, including for ensuring the wiring of Chinese nuclear submarines under construction and repair in Huludao. As part of the PLA Navy, the new icebreaker replaced the former icebreaker with the same name Haibing 722, built in Shanghai in 1969 and decommissioned in July 2013.
Project 272, as stated, is fully developed in the PRC.The construction of the new icebreaker Haibing 722 of Project 272 was launched by BSHIC in November 2013, and launched in March 2015.
The Haibing 722 icebreaker has a total displacement of 4,860 tons, a length of 103.1 meters, a width of 18.6 meters. The main power plant is diesel-electric, the full speed of 18 knots, the cruising range with an economic stroke of up to 7,000 miles. The icebreaker is equipped with a large landing strip capable of receiving heavy Z-8 helicopters.
Currently, the second icebreaker of Project 272, which the PLA Navy can be expected to do in 2016, is in high readiness in completion afloat at BSHIC.
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New commissioned Navy PLA diesel-electric icebreaker Haibing 722 project 272 (c) CCTV 7 / CNTV
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Two new icebreaker project 272 at the shipyard Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company, Ltd. (BSHIC) in Huludao. Snapshot 10/29/2015. The closest is the head icebreaker Haibing 722, transferred to the PLA Navy on 12/28/2015.

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