Notre Dame Mosque

Power in most countries of Western Europe has long been seized by Muslim immigrants. Legalized Sharia, Catholic churches are destroyed and indulged. The French, who did not accept Islam, eke out a miserable existence in the ghetto ...

You let them in and took them in, tried to teach and heal -
and to you Chudinova predicted everything predicted about the "Mosque"!
Now the end to you, Europe, you will not get your graves
to you from the Syrian trench came the honored ISIS,
but from the height of our idylls we are ready to give you advice.
We once beat and evil for two hundred years.
Whoever carries flowers and candles to you is that pathetic vassal of the West:
the approach is tearful, the human planet has never saved.
Dmitry Bykov
It is this future that prophesies the magnificently dystopian novel of Elena Chudinova, which is magnificent in its own way, now completely plausible. Events occur in it in 2048, that is, it is not long to wait.
Yesterday something happened that many political analysts and ordinary citizens had predicted for a long time.Against the background of universal hysteria, hypocritical condolences and the fear of ordinary people for their own lives, I see another detail. Alteration of the world order and borders has begun again, and along with the arrival of Islam, false and insane, many people of Muslim origin will suffer, whom they will hate, fear, suspect.
Will the French be able to defend their identity? France now has few options for the development of the situation. Either it will stop the liberal immigration policy and focus its resources on adapting the already accumulated alien element to life under French laws and the primacy of French culture, or mass terrorist attacks and civil war will begin with unpredictable consequences.
On the other hand, the ban on hijabs and criticism of Islam can also lead to difficult-to-control outbreaks of protest. However, if nothing is done, there will be a suppression of the indigenous population and a change in the traditional values ​​of most Europeans who have Christian roots.As a result, a completely new cultural code based on Sharia will emerge. I am afraid that everything will be like that.

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