Nutrition nursing mom: myths and reality

Many nursing mothers have questions: what can and cannot be eaten during breastfeeding? Should I follow a strict diet? Do foods affect the taste of milk? Is it possible to play sports while breastfeeding? We asked these questions to an expert on breastfeeding, the head of the Milk River center in Kiev, Xenia Solovey.

What should be the nutrition of the nursing mother? Do I need a special diet?

You can notice the fact that the child, being in the womb, makes acquaintance and gets used to her taste preferences and distinguishes the taste of sweet, salty, sour. Those. The child’s primary adaptation to the food eaten in the family is still in utero.

Secondary adaptation of the child to the tastes occurs during the period of breastfeeding in the first six months. So a nursing mother cannot sit on a rigid diet and eat only buckwheat, boiled meat and baked apples. This is due to the fact that during the first half of the year the child through the mother must adapt to the products that are accepted in the family.

The next stage of the child's adaptation to the common table is the period of mixed feeding. And only the fourth stage is the independent feeding of the child, without any support.Nutrition of a nursing mother: myths and reality - image №1

So to sit on a strict diet during the breastfeeding period is not always necessary.

Foreign breastfeeding experts are inclined to believe that feeding the nursing mother should not be limited to anything.

What you need to pay attention to the nutrition of nursing mothers? Can I sometimes indulge myself in soda and fast food?

The main thing is to follow a reasonable diet. The first thing that is necessary is to exclude from the diet harmful food (chips, fast food, lemonade). Even if mother allowed herself such weaknesses during pregnancy while breastfeeding this is excluded. Such products contain chemicals that penetrate the bloodstream, and breast milk is also known to be produced from blood and lymph. And everything that goes into the blood automatically goes to breast milk.

Nursing mother feeding: myths and reality - image number 2So, when forming the nutrition of a nursing mother you need:

· To exclude products containing various stabilizers and flavor enhancers.

· Eat only seasonal foods. If, for example, in the winter time tomatoes and cucumbers are not relevant, then they should not be eaten.

· Exclude from the diet exotic products. This is an unusual food for us and we are not sufficiently adapted to it. Ie, for example, you can eat kiwi only if you are adapted to it from birth.

The main thing is that the food should be qualitative and varied.

If the mother has individual reactions to some product, then, most likely, the child will have the same reaction.Nutrition of a nursing mother: myths and reality - image №3

But this does not mean that from the first day after birth you can eat everything. Every day you need to enter one product and observe the reaction of the baby and gradually expand the diet.

Does the taste of breast milk depend on the mother's nutrition?

If we talk about garlic, which, according to many mothers, affects the taste and smell of milk, it is not.

The British once conducted a study in which they divided nursing mothers into two groups. One group consisted of women who fed their babies and did not eat garlic, and the second - nursing women who ate garlic.

So, the results of this study showed that in the group where mothers ate garlic, children demanded breast more often.

The opinion that garlic spoils the taste of milk is a myth.So that nursing mothers can and should eat garlic, especially during the epidemic of influenza and ARVI.

Nutrition of a nursing mother: myths and reality - image №4Active sports affect lactation?

First you need to determine what active sports mean.

If the mother is an athlete or gymnast, in whom the workout takes 5-7 hours a day, then such activities should be stopped, because they affect lactation. But if a nursing mother just goes to the gym 2-3 times a week and trains for 40 minutes, then this is absolutely normal. Moreover, if a woman was still in the gym before or during pregnancy and her body is in a tonus, then there will be no stress for the lactation process. The only thing that needs to be reduced is the load on the chest, i.e. especially not to train the muscles of the chest.

Charging can be done every day, it has absolutely no effect on lactation.

You will receive even more answers to your questions about breastfeeding after watching the video.

Ksenia Solovey, head of the Center for Dairy Rivers in Kiev. - See more at:
Ksenia Solovey, head of the Center for Dairy Rivers in Kiev. - See more at:
Ksenia Solovey, head of the Center for Dairy Rivers in Kiev.

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