Biography of Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov is a Soviet and Russian singer, musician and composer who gave the world immortal hits “Squadron”, “Esaul”, “Moryachka”, “Officers” and dozens of other songs full of genuine patriotism and heartfelt lyricism.
Oleg Mikhailovich GazmanovOleg Mikhailovich Gazmanov

The childhood and family of Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov grew up in a family of front-line soldiers: Oleg’s father, Mikhail Gazmanov, was a professional soldier (during the Great Patriotic War he fought in the navy), and his mother was a cardiologist at military hospitals in the Baltic States and the Far East. By the way, Gazmanov has Jewish roots in his mother.
Oleg Gazmanov spent all his childhood in Kaliningrad. In a city that stores echoes of the Great Patriotic War, all the boys polls were fond of searching for weapons and ammunition in abandoned places. The young Gazmanov was also engaged in this, and rather quickly he gathered a whole armory of weapons at home. In his arsenal was even a German machine gun. When his parents went to work, little Oleg put him on a window sill and “bombed” an imaginary opponent.
Children's photo of Oleg GazmanovChildren's photo of Oleg Gazmanov
Once this game ended pitifully. The trigger was not pressed at all, and Oleg decided to hit him with a hammer. After the first strike, the machine gun fell from the window sill directly onto the boy's little finger. Fortunately, at that moment the singer's mother returned home and rendered first aid to her son.
It is worth noting that many of Oleg Gazmanov’s peers died after the use of captured weapons. Such a fate could wait for the singer himself, but the trouble was bypassed by his side. Once, Oleg stepped on an anti-tank mine, couldn't move it, and began to open it right on the spot. Such curiosity could end in tragedy if the boy’s father hadn’t noticed his experiments in time.
“Alone with everyone”: Oleg Gazmanov
Oleg Gazmanov began to sing in his childhood. However, at first, the music did not at all cause the boy to have pleasant emotions. At the age of five the boy was sent to a music school (violin class). Over the next two years, an overly strict teacher instilled in Oleg a persistent dislike for music.
Then he began to play sports. I must say that in his childhood Gazmanov was not distinguished by his tremendous health.Doctors diagnosed him with congenital heart disease and forbade him to exercise. But the persistent young man decided to take life into his own hands. Despite the prohibitions of parents, he ran away from home through a drainpipe and went to the gym.
From early childhood Oleg Gazmanov goes in for sportsFrom early childhood Oleg Gazmanov goes in for sports
At first, the 11-year-old frail boy did not even want to be taken to the section, but after a year of classes he was already the strongest in the group. At first, Oleg's mother opposed and even wanted to bring the school coach to court, but after a couple of years her son's heartbeat went off, and the woman changed her anger to mercy. In 1967, he became the first in the USSR to do double flips in floor gymnastics exercises. But I had to forget about the professional career of an athlete after an injury - in the ninth grade, Gazmanov smashed his legs about the crossbar and spent a long time in the hospital.
School photo by Oleg Gazmanov (grade 10)School photo by Oleg Gazmanov (grade 10)
At school, Oleg Gazmanov studied secondary, by the way, he learned in one institution with the future “first lady of Russia” Lyudmila Putin (then Shkrebneva) and Lada Dens. After graduation, Gazmanov entered the Kaliningrad Marine Engineering School (specialty “refrigeration and compressor machines and installations”).After it ended in 1973, for another three years, the future artist went “under sail” on the Volzhanin freezer trawler.
Young Oleg GazmanovYoung Oleg Gazmanov
Upon his return, he entered the graduate school of his native university, and even taught for a while. However, the music delayed him more and more, until one day a man decided to enter a music school, which he successfully graduated from in 1981.

The creative way of Oleg Gazmanov. Start

Oleg Gazmanov began his musician career as a youth when he played school dances with the guys. He remembered forever how the girls looked at him. It was then that he first felt like a real artist.
The first concerts of Oleg Gazmanov fell out of school timeThe first concerts of Oleg Gazmanov fell out of school time
Growing up, in parallel with his studies at the music school, he tried himself in various teams (“Blue Bird”, “Galaxy”), and also played to the fun of the public in the restaurant “Kaliningrad” - these performances brought him the main income, which was very useful, because this moment the young man already had a family: his wife Irina and son Rodion.
Oleg and Rodion Gazmanovs - father and sonOleg and Rodion Gazmanovs - father and son
Already at that time, Oleg Gazmanov showed himself as an outstanding composer, but he had not dared to write words to his own music. Then he ventured, and, in the opinion of his many musically competent acquaintances, the debut came out very successful.
In 1986, he wrote his first hit - a song about a girl named Lucy. But, alas, he failed to execute it himself - the voice was seriously ripped off. As the artist later recalled, then the question was even decided whether Gazmanov could sing at all.
Young Oleg Gazmanov and his sonYoung Oleg Gazmanov and his son
Therefore, Oleg Mikhailovich made a bet on his son and did not lose - “Lucy” performed by 5-year-old Rodion Gazmanov made a real sensation. But the lyrics had to be redone, because it would be strange if the little boy began to sing about the girl. Therefore, the song now sang about a missing dog named Lucy, the favorite of the whole court. And Oleg Gazmanov himself restored his voice with the help of a six-month holiday at sea.
Rodion Gazmanov - Lucy
Realizing that Moscow would open up new perspectives for his musical career, Gazmanov transported his son and spouse to the capital. A video clip was promptly shot at Lucy, which was highly appreciated by Alla Pugacheva herself, who included it on the “Morning Mail” program and made Rodion Gazmanov popular at once. And with him and his father.Together with this one hit, they gathered entire stadiums.

Squadron group and Oleg Gazmanov's solo projects

In 1989, the singer created his own group called “Squadron”, which also included Valentine Leza (bass guitar), Yuri Babichev (drums), Galina Romanova (keyboards, female vocals).
Oleg Gazmanov's first album, "Squadron", was released in 1991Oleg Gazmanov's first album, "Squadron", was released in 1991
In 1991, the first album of Oleg Gazmanov - "Squadron" - was released. The title song of the album became, we will not be afraid of this word, extremely popular, having held out for 18 months in the first place of the most prestigious hit parade of that time - the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. A series of concerts began in Russia and abroad. The largest areas of the country filled with fans to failure. In 1991, 70 thousand people came to the concert of Oleg Gazmanov in the metropolitan Luzhniki.
Gazmanov - the first in its genreGazmanov - the first in its genre
Creativity Gazmanov did not go unnoticed and the organizers of popular awards and festivals: "Ovation", "Schlager of the Year", "Song of the Year." Oleg's original place helped to occupy a strong place on the national stage - a combination of traditional folklore and modern rock and pop music.
Song of the Year-90: Oleg Gazmanov - Exadron
For his creative work, Oleg Gazmanov has released more than ten albums. In 1993, the disc “Sailors” was released, a year later the disc “Spree” appeared, then - more: “Rogue”, “Moscow. The best songs "," Squadron of my songs crazy, "" Red Book ". At the turn of the century Gazmanov released the disc “From Century to Century. Favorites. Two years later, saw the light of the "First Round - 50", then the album "My clear days." In 2004, the public was presented “Lord of the Officers - 10 years”, and a year later the disc “Made in the USSR” was released. Released in 2008, the album received the title "Seven feet under the keel." In addition, in 1997 the album “The Squadron of My Crazy Songs” was released, where the best hits of Oleg Gazmanov were sung by other domestic artists.

Interesting facts about the best songs of Gazmanov

The song “Putana”, which was recorded in 1989, liked the metropolitan “night butterflies” so much that they promised its author a free service as a gift. True, the exemplary family man Oleg Gazmanov refused such an offer.
And the song "Moscow" became the unofficial anthem of the capital of Russia.After that, Oleg Gazmanov was entrusted with writing the words to the hymn of the “New Wave” - “I will leave for Sochi!”.
Gazmanov writes lyrics and music for his songs himselfGazmanov writes lyrics and music for his songs himself
It is worth noting that the song “I was born in the Soviet Union, I was made in the USSR” is a peculiar response to Bruce Springsteen and his composition “Born in the USA”.
Oleg Gazmanov is a constant participant of concert programs devoted to military and men's holidays. There he sings his legendary song "Lord of Officers". And its text, by the way, was repeatedly criticized: ““ Gentlemen, officers! ”... What kind of gentlemen? What are the gentlemen Where did they come from? .. The participants of the Great Patriotic War, the officers of the Red Army, the old people, whom no one has ever addressed in such a way, are sitting in the hall. And now in the army they say "comrade". And if “gentlemen” in connection with the Great Patriotic War, then this should be regarded only as an appeal to the Germans or to the Vlasovites, ”the disgruntled were outraged.
Oleg Gazmanov - “Nobody but us!” (2015)

The personal life of Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov was married twice. The first wife of the artist was Irina. A chemist by training, after marriage, she gave birth to a spouse of a son and began to manage the household.Married spouses have lived 20 years - from 1975 to 1995.
Oleg Gazmanov and Irina Gazmanova - the first wife of the artistOleg Gazmanov and Irina Gazmanova - the first wife of the artist
The son of Oleg Gazmanov, Rodion Gazmanov, graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of Russia with a red diploma and is now introducing nanotechnology in agriculture. In addition, the young man was the founder of the musical group "DNA".
In the photo: Rodion GazmanovIn the photo: Rodion Gazmanov
In 2003, Oleg Gazmanov married for the second time. His chosen one was Marina Anatolyevna Muravyova, the former spouse of brother Sergey Mavrodi. Their first meeting took place in 1998, when Gazmanov arrived on tour in her native Voronezh. She was 18, he was 47.
The second wife of Oleg Gazmanov - Marina MuravyovaThe second wife of Oleg Gazmanov - Marina Muravyova
At first, the artist saw a hurried leggy blonde somewhere, but could not see her face. The next day, he again noticed her near the concert venue and sent his drummer to invite Marina to the concert. It offended the girl: “Tell your boss that he will no longer send a messenger!”. Gazmanov had to personally invite the beauty. She agreed, but only out of politeness, since she was not a fan of his work.But her opinion radically changed after the performance - such energy was hovering over the hall, so the audience reacted emotionally to every chord!
Matrimonial leisureMatrimonial leisure
For many years they maintained friendly relations, and already much later, when Marina’s spouse Vyacheslav Mavrodi was imprisoned, Gazmanov, who had been loving the heart for all these years, offered her help and support to the woman.
All the children of Oleg Gazmanov are also very creative people.All the children of Oleg Gazmanov are also very creative people.
From her first marriage, Marina has a son, Philip (born in 1997). As a child he sang in the band "Fidget". And on December 16, 2003, her husband gave Oleg Gazmanov a daughter, Marianna. The girl is interested in dancing and painting.

Oleg Gazmanov now

In 2015, Oleg Gazmanov released the album “Forward, Russia!”. The musician continues to actively perform throughout the country and abroad. All accusations that the new songs of Gazmanov are presented to the public very rarely, the singer is offended: “This is not so! I have a lot of new interesting compositions. But I think that it is not at all necessary to "part". I take my new project very seriously, it is important for me that everything is thought out to the smallest detail, properly formatted, and quality submitted. ”
Oleg Gazmanov - Forward, Russia!

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