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Parfen, Parthenius meaning of the name and the interpretation of the name. Parfen - clean, untouched (Greek).
Name days, patron saints. On February 20 (7) - St. Parfenius, Bishop of Lampsaka, son of a deacon, was compassionate to the poor; he zealously spread the faith of Christ, destroyed pagan temples and built the churches of Christ; performed prayers, miracles (IV cent.).
Superstitions, omens, customs. Parfena comes the time of animal weddings. Parfen - wolf matchmaker.
The zodiac of the name is Pisces. Planet - the moon. The color of the name - sea wave. Auspicious tree is a date palm. The treasured plant is mimosa. Patron of the name - seahorse. Stone mascot - sapphire.
Diminutive forms. Parfenka, Parfeha, Parfesh, Panya,
Panfush, Parfenya, Fenya.
Middle name. Parfenovich, Parfenovna; razg. Parfenych.
Name and character. Parfen lives a deep inner life; he is a man equally prone to both work and reflection. Even in his youth, he begins to think about the eternal questions of good and evil, life and death, is fond of philosophy, biology.He likes to analyze the actions of people, seeks to understand their psychology. He even tries to make a plan for the reorganization of society so that everyone in it lives well!
Name in history and literature. Parfen Nikolaevich Engalychev (1769-1829) - prince, writer, county leader of the nobility. In his youth he belonged to a circle of the publisher, educator, Novikov mason.
His most famous works are: “Prostohnarodny keshnik”, “Russian rural koshnik”, “On physical and moral education”, “On the continuation of human life”, “Dictionary of physical and moral education”, “Dictionary of virtues and vices”, etc.

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